All you need to know about Bathroom Tiles and Tilers

Domestic bathrooms need to be decorated in a perfect and sophisticated manner and it requires some best varieties of colorful tiles. Bathroom is a private place but it is related to matters of hygiene and customers can install the bathroom tiles according to their choice and sense of color.

Bathroom Tilers

5 Things to remember for selecting the Bathroom Tiles:

Sketch the outlet: Before placing the order for the bathroom tiles, exact measurement should be taken. There are some default sized tiles available in many outlets and they cannot cover up the bathroom walls. So, it is suggested to mark the wall with color spray or marker and place an order accordingly. You can ask the tiler to do so.

Racks, Accessories, Attachments: There are lots of racks, accessories, attachments and frames enclosed in a bathroom like cabinet, mirror, electronic and heating lines, voltage wiring and fittings. So, it is necessary to take the measurement along with all fittings and furniture of the bathroom because after installing the tiles, it is not possible to place the fittings in the bathroom wall. 

The tiles should be installed right at a straight angle starting from the ceilings: It is always advisable to install bathroom tiles starting from the ceiling of a bathroom. The color combination and the tile thickness have to be kept in mind if bathroom tiles are to be installed. The grouting joint for the tiles and the pieces of broken tiles can be combined into a perfect layout for making the bathroom a place to enjoy and relax. So, for perfect installation, hire experienced bathroom tiler.

The drainage system around the tiles: For the bathrooms, it is compulsory to check the drainage system all around the bathroom tiles, as the tiles want to be incorporated in such a manner that water does not seeps into them or they do not destroy the drainage pipeline fittings. Whether it is for the shower section or for the wash basin, the plumber has to take care of fixing the numerous tile patterns to get the desired effect after reinstallation of tiles or after preliminary decoration.  Experienced tiler will know about this.

The most stylish trends in bathroom tile decoration: With a grand revolution in the field of bathroom tiles, luxury and design, the entire idea of refurbishing a bathroom has undergone drastic modifications. Along with stone, wooden and ceramic tiles, other materials like stone mixed with paper Mache or stone dust materials are also used to decorate bathrooms. In fact, two or more varieties of tiles are also being used to enhance the aesthetic component and the glamorous quotient of a fully-furnished luxurious bathroom.

  • Mixed tiles in metallic and wooden varieties have become the newest trends in 2014. Shower screens and frosted glass doors with layered and wavy patterns of metallic tiles in white, jet black, crimson and pink have become the catchword for fine living. Several companies display all such metallic tile varieties which mix lighter and darker hues to accentuate the interior beauty of the bathrooms.
  • Mosaic and tile-designed bathroom walls: There are bathroom tiles which have a grained mosaic variety and they can be designed along with the wall color and the accessories present in the bathrooms. Interesting wall and tile designs are always fascinating to look at and the range of buyers who are more inclined to buy mosaic grained tiles have increased. 
  • Tiles in two dimensions: Along with the potential difference between the two and three-dimensional tiles, there are also features which make them liked by different set of buyers. The two dimensional bathroom tile arrangements include swirls in single or double colors or flower patterns or high and low levels which can attract the attention of any member of the house. 

Your bathroom tiler can suggest you with names of tile suppliers who have the latest tiles. Bathroom tilers also need to be asked about their work experience. You can ask family and friends for references. You can also check their previous work to be sure if they know how to install tiles perfectly.

Above mentioned options help you to understand the selection of bathroom tiles. If you would like to know extra points then go here.


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