Advantages of Wood Fireplaces & Gas Fireplaces

Man has been using wood burning fireplaces for many centuries. The use of fire has now become an inseparable part of the human nature and the practice is just natural. There has been a debate over the fact that wood burning fireplaces are just used to add an antique look to the house than just heating. There are easier and pollution-less options for heating available these days and that too at a minimal cost. Yet people adhere to wood burning.  There are some issues that are related to the air in case of the wood burning.


A person who loves environment and wants the planet earth to be clean and green would not profess to sing wood fire burning in order to save trees and help to reduce the air pollution.

Some detriments correlated to wood burning fireplaces are:

  • They pollute the air around and make one feel prickly.
  • They contain pollutants that are toxic in nature and these can also cause lung syndromes.
  • The ash needs to be timely cleaned.

Mostly, people prefer wood burning because it is more or less connected with the aesthetics rather than just the heating. It gives a certain aroma, which can be enjoyed. Wood burning fireplaces add to the beauty of the room and the hearth. They manifest affluence of people and are directly connected with the status of the people. They are a part of the luxury that represents magnificence and class. Many lovers of opulence owe to the use of wood burning in spite of knowing the detrimental nature of the wood burning.

For some, a natural fireplace seems to be warmer and more comfortable in spite of the fact that a gas burning fireplace gives equal amount of heat. Therefore it is a notion that the wood burning is more effective.

Nowadays, people have started replacing wood burning fireplaces with the gas burning fireplaces. They are just happy to get warmed up no matter what is the source of the fire, and this is a smart way to get warm. Another reason for giving preference to gas fireplace is that wood fire needs the manual labor of chopping the woods and maintaining the chimneys, and this is because they get black soon. There is no such problem with the gas fire.

Gas fire gives some returns as in the wood fire:


  • It is fewer classy like the wood fire.
  • It is not time consuming and is equally effective as the wood fire at the same time.
  • It is easier to have this fire in one go without waiting. Therefore, it is suitable in these times where professionals cannot afford to waste time to make the fire ready.
  • If the fans or blowers are installed in the room, they heat up the room very quickly and this will be with the help of the gar fire.

Wood fire seems to give more heat than the gas fire, but now due to the advancement in technology, there are new methods that can make one’s room equally warm as the one warmed by the wood fire.  Having a wood-burning fireplace is now becoming less fashionable as people are resorting to easier ways of getting fireplaces. These days, chimneys are made outside of a house. A person needs to take a lot of safety measures in order to have a chimney in the home. Therefore, it is preferred to have gas fire rather than the wood fire.

You can decide on the fireplaces that you want based on your requirements, budget and also the availability of the same in your area.

Above mentioned advantages help you to understand wood fireplaces & gas fireplaces. Want you know extra info about fireplaces? Then please go here.


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