Keep in mind some tips & stay out your Blocked Drain Trouble

A Clean Affair

Drainage system is one of the important systems that need to be maintained periodically. All the hygiene depends upon the drainage and its cleanliness. If the drains are blocked, then it gives rise to many serious health issues.  Blocked drains can seem one of the worst disasters you have faced. Smelling, and causing the whole house to smell like a drain can, besides being frustrating, be unhealthy and cause many health problems. Water getting clogged or not being able to flush smoothly can be due to a bad blockage in the drain. These unwanted occurrences in the drain ca halt your whole routine. Therefore it is highly advisable to keep the emergency contact numbers of the person who can unblock the drains and make them clean.

Blocked Drains

Knowing the problem

The moment you find the water is not flowing out at a regular speed and the waste seems to be collecting, at the same time you should make provisions to get the drains checked and cleaned, before this leads to your home being flooded with waste water. Te chambers of your home should be checked properly which ensures that whether the blockage is in your pipes this calls for dialling the plumber who can solve this problem with ease.

  • Steps to be followed in the case if the plumber is not available:

In case you find it difficult getting a plumber at a short notice, following the few steps listed below might be helpful.

  1. The first step is not to empty any more water in the drain as this only compounds the problem.
  2. Make sure you are dressed in such a way so that you are protected. Like wearing full sleeves and gloves keeps you safe from all the muck you are exposed to.
  3. Keep the drain rods ready. These are easily available and are a must in such dire situations.
  4. Opening the drain cover carefully so that there is no harm done. Scrape off the rust if there is any, and handle it in a way you do not land up breaking the lid.
  5. Using a rod with a plunger attachment, and after a lot of twisting and turning, you will be able to clear the obstruction.
  6. Once you have succeeded in dislodging the blockage, make sure you flush it with a lot of water, as this is helpful in any remaining debris being flushed off.
  7. Very important to keep a watch on your drains, as this is a great help in knowing when the blockage starts, and you are able to attend to it immediately without waiting for it to get worse.
  8. Be very careful when you disposing your wastes, as this is one of the main causes of the drains getting blocked.

Keeping the above tips in mind, it gets easier to stay out of trouble, but again, anything is possible

  • The Right Company

    We have many companies who are able to offer their services where the blockage of drains is concerned. It is always more sensible to keep few such numbers handy in your contact list, as you never know when you might want them. A few numbers will be helpful as if one is not able to attend, someone else might be of help to you immediately. There are companies who have a vast experience in dealing with such problems and have professionals who attend in a clean and neat manner, without further adding to the mess. Making sure these companies can  make emergency calls and can solve all sorts of problems related to the blockage of your drains, you do not need to wait for a blockage but keep all the information ready so that you are not running pillar to post in case of an emergency.

  • Fixed prices

    Checking out the prices before hand will keep you away from those companies who take advantage of the emergency in your home. In short, look out for a well reputed company who follow certain principles and believe in helping you out, instead of making a quick buck.

After reading these above mentioned guide, you understand all the things about choosing plumber of Blocked Drains. If you want to know further then go here to get more information.


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