Steps you need to know when you Installing Laminate Floors

Though wooden floors give an elegant look to your house but are not possible to install wooden floors in all houses due to some reasons. The main reason is temperature. Humidity is the main drawback factor for installing the wooden floors. Laminates provide a viable alternative in these cases. It is a composite product which can be designed to look like wood.

Laminate Flooring Melbourne

Laminate planks with have a core of high density while an image of wood can be printed on the top layer. The entire plank in then covered with laminate to provide protection. The laminated covering provides water repellent properties to the planks. If the quality of the laminate flooring is good enough then the entire floor becomes resistant to damage by water.

The Selection of Laminate Floors

The choice of laminate floors will be primarily dependent on the room the laminates are going to be placed. A room that sees a lot of traffic passing through it on a regular basis will require a laminate floor that has a stronger and denser core. A room which will be used rarely can have a laminate floor that has a less dense core. The cost of the laminate floors will be directly proportional to the strength provided by the core.

The strength and density of the core of floor will decide its durability. As more denser the core is, the more sis its durability. The density of the core is also related to the stability and durability of the flooring. Thick cores will enable the laminate flooring to be more resistant to the wear and tear that takes place on a daily basis. It will be more durable and will last for a longer period of time. More often than not the supplier providing the laminate will also provide a warranty on the material. More expensive laminate floors will have longer periods of warranty attached to them. However, the terms and conditions attached to the warranty must be read with care as the suppliers may not provide a warranty if the laminate is used for the floors in the kitchen.

The Installation Process

The installation of laminate floors is more or less an easy process. It is possible for the laminate flooring to be installed with the need for hiring a professional contractor for the project. A laminate floor can be installed over existing surfaces like wood, vinyl, concrete or plywood quite easily. In fact a laminate floor can be installed as long as the underlying floor surface is smooth and level.

There are certain laminate floors available which do not even require the use of glue or an adhesive. There is no need to have specialized equipment and tools to install laminate floors. Special training is not required either. Most home owners can install their laminate flooring alone or with a little bit of help. Prior experience can help installation but is by no means necessary.

     The steps for installing a laminated floor: 

    • Acclimate the flooring : The flooring should be kept in the room for at least 48 hours prior to installation. This is done so that flooring should get a time to expand or contract according to room temperature.
    • Remove existing baseboard molding : Use the pry bar to remove the baseboard form the wall.
    • Install the underlayment : Clear the floor from staples, nails and debris. After this lay the underlayment.
    • Plan the layout : Decide the direction in which you want to lay out the planks. Give the preference to the wall is straight and the longest.
    • Cut the row : Cut the first row of the plank lengthwise with the help of power saw or hand saw.

The ability to install a laminate floor can provide a significant benefit.  The installation of other floors requires a large budget. The large budget is necessary in order to pay the fees of the contractor which can be considerable and also to purchase the materials which can be expensive as well. However, a contractor is not required for installing a laminate floor. The laminate itself is inexpensive. This allows a lot of money to be saved.

Selection of the Laminate Style

Laminate flooring can be purchased in a number of different styles and designs. The choice of the design will primary dependent on the personal tastes of the users. However, care must be taken to ensure that the style of the floor matches the other visual aesthetic delights of the particular room the laminate is going to be used.


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