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Enhance Your Home with Appealing Rugs

The soft feel of rugs under your tired feet is surely a comfortable feeling. It also reduces the risks of an injury if someone trips. A rug is an integral aspect of any office or home as it offers a sophisticated, cosy and luxurious look to any space irrespective of its shape, size and appearance. It also adds to overall comfort, warmth and sound absorption.


Types of Rug

  • Woven: These use multicolored yarns, thus being present in intricate patterns depending on the designs. These are among the most expensive ones in the contemporary rug types as they are made by investing a lot of time and effort.
  • Needle felt: These are made by felting and intertwining synthetic fibers using forked and barbed needles. Improved technology is used in the process which makes them durable. They are ideal for commercial settings.
  • Knotted: Mostly hand knotted, they contain structured weft threads that alternate with a supplementary weft.
  • Tufted: These are preferred as domestic carpets for covering floors. They are available in various textures.

Selecting the Style of Rugs

RugsThe style of the area rug is determined by the theme and décor of your room. If it is meant to complement the existing space, choosing a rug which accommodates with the window treatments, existing furniture and wall colors is important. If a beautiful bedroom is already decorated with traditional furniture, it will require traditional style rugs, so that everything is just perfect. You may even add to the existing style elements in the room to additionally accent the theme. The other option is to decorate the room in a completely new avatar – to a lesser or greater extent. The entire experience can be quite liberating as you need not bother about the existing colors or decorative elements. In this case, you can just begin with the new area rug and then include the new decorative items, such as wall color or new furniture which build on the existing beauty of the area rug of your choice.

Tips to Purchase Rugs

  • Choosing between an Area Rug and a Wall to Wall One: The main benefits of a rug or carpet is that most people can afford to have rugs in their houses. A few issues might include problems in cleaning and containing dust, mites and several other allergies. The choice between an area rug and wall to wall rug depends upon your preference. Most people tend to prefer the area rug as they are available in a variety of shades, sizes and shapes. You may even switch them from one room to another according to the décor of your room.
  • Comparing the Patterns and Color of the Rugs: It becomes very difficult to choose a carpet or a rug because these are available in plenty of colors and designs. You may narrow down your options by choosing the right colors that match the mood or tone that you have chosen for each of the rooms. If you are keen to recreate a calm and peaceful setting, use lighter shades. If any room makes you feel restricted, choose the light colored options as they make the room feel open and expansive.

If you are in favor of a neutral shade, you need to decide if the rug will be the focal point of the room or you intend it to fade into the background. If the artwork, walls or furnishing serve as the focal points, you may avoid plain designs and monotones. With the dark shades and patterns you have the option to easily hide the stains.