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Different types of Balustrades for Beautifying Your House

What are Balustrades?

The Balustrades are arranged in a line of repeating balusters. It is arranged in line with small posts that connects the top of the rail in a railing. Common examples of balustrades are stair cases of buildings, terraces and porches. It is misspelled as balustrade, baluster and balustrade. By another example, you can know about balustrades, the galleries are filled with a number of beautifully dressed ladies, inclination over balustrades. Balustrades enhance the beauty of your house or your office and the entire look of your surroundings.


In the market there are various types of balustrades. They are available in a wide range and made in various types of materials. It is not easy to select the perfect one. Balustrades are also used in the apartments which are constructed with balconies and in exterior stairs of large buildings.

You have to keep in mind the safety and security of your house, while opting for a balustrade. No issues, if you select the beautiful one that attracts you. But, ensure that it meets your prime interest that is the safety of your house. Balustrades are made with different types of materials like wood, stainless steel, glass, wire and wood.

There are many types of readily available balustrades of different designs made from above mentioned materials which suit your budget. When selecting a balustrade of your choice, it supports the color of your neighborhood. Always select a good looking design of a balustrade for the stair cases or porch.

The following types of balustrades are widely used in offices, homes and in other places:

  • Glass Balustrade
    Glass Balustrade adds more beauty to your house, porch or staircase for which you are using. It looks nice to see, whether used in interiors or exteriors, with only minus point is it is not secure. The glass balustrade gets easily broken by heat or if a stone is pelted at it. The glass balustrades are widely used in commercial complexes and residential buildings. As it is vulnerable to any attack, it is not a reliable one as trusted like its other versions made out of steel, wood and stainless steel balustrades. You can install a glass balustrade if you want to add more beauty to your house.

Glass Balustrade

  • Timber Balustrade
    Balustrades made out of timber give your house a beautiful appearance and elegance adds more beauty to the room for the house and last long for years. The timber made balustrades are available in any design or shape and within your budget.
  • Steel Balustrade
    When you are choosing a balustrade, steel is the best and first choice. It is durable and looks attractive to see. Steel balustrades are available in various drawing and profile that you are looking for. These are readily made and suit your own needs. The steel balustrades are available in lots of designs and if you stick with a simple plan for terrace railing or a balcony stair case.

Steel Balustrades

There is no problem in choosing a right balustrade for your house or building.  First, you have to fix on the sum for the balustrade and then look for the best one that meets your requirements. With a wide variety to choose from the market in various designs, there is not much problem for you in selecting a best one. Always keep in mind that every balustrade has its own merits and demerits.  Kindly ensure that you select the best one which meets your needs and budget.

 Balustrades are easy to fit and it takes less time to fix them. Balustrade solutions are made to meet the customer specifications and design. Fix the right type of balustrades for your house to add more beauty. Visit us and get more specification.