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Know well for the Roses as various tradition of everyone’s life

Popularity of this flower

Roses have a special place in every lady’s life, and are definitely the most popular flower in the world. There is hardly anybody who has not written about roses, be it a poet, dramatist or scientist. Roses have a long and vibrant history and it is believed that this flower is 35 million years old. There are more than 30,000 varieties of roses in the world and it features in most of the romantic tales of the world. There are many interesting stories about this beautiful flower and as per the Greek mythology Aphrodite named the flower Rose. It was said to be created by the Goddess of flowers, Chloris. The rose is an extraordinary flower and it has become favorite choice around the world. There is no other flower which has experienced the popularity of the rose. Rose is widely grown in temperate climates and as cut flower rose is always in fashion all over the world.  It is easy to buy rose plants and wholesale flowers online.

Rose flower

From its role in ancient mythologies and history the flower Rose has come a long way. In the 15th century the groups fighting to take control of England used rose as a symbol. The white rose signified York and the red rose signified Lancaster and that is why it was known as the War of Roses. 17th century saw the rise of rose and rose water and it is believed that Napoleon’s wife loved the rose so much that she made an estate full of roses near Paris. The early roses were pink and white in color and the red rose came from China in the 1800.  Rose farming has become popular all over the world today and if regular feeding is done they will give the best. There is a saying that a “well red rose is a healthy rose”. Rose plants will blooming up in dry soil but grow very well in moist and well-drained soil.

The Best Ornamental Plant

Roses are known as the best ornamental plant and are grown mainly for its flowers. It is grown in the garden and sometimes indoors as well.

Rose flower

  • Rose petals are used for commercial perfumery and also for minor medicinal use. It is used as cut flowers in bouquets and roses are seen grown in glasshouses in temperate climate.
  • Rose perfumes are produced from rose oil which is a mix of essential oils taken from the crushed petals using the steam distilling method.
  • Rose water is used for cooking, medicine, cosmetics and also in religious practices.
  • Yellow rose is generally used as a mark of deep friendship.
  • White cream roses are a mark of youthful charm as well as thoughtfulness.
  • Pink roses indicate admiration, gentleness; civility and feminine coyness while the mauve colored ones indicate heighten desire and different varieties of enchantment in general.
  • Spray roses are generally used in single or multiple assortments to make bouquet, and they are also popular for creative and cultural seminars or presentations.

Roses have medicinal properties too

Some types of roses are used for experimenting medicines for cancer growth and also an effective way to fight stomach problems.  Old garden roses are forerunners of modern roses. Modern roses were cultivated because of the cross breeding of the hybrid tea with primrose. Modern roses are much more rich and varied and vibrant in color and they require proper care. Nowadays, it is easy to buy rose plants and rose flowers online. The plant when bought from online comes with care manual and even plant food. A flowering rose plant in a beautiful container can be given as a great gift item for all occasions.

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Roses are generally used in single or multiple assortments to make bouquet. The roses as various tradition of everyone’s life. If you want to get fresh roses then please contact us or follow us on Facebook.