SHADE SAILS – Epitome of Shades and Comfort

Shade sails are one of the best options for you to keep safe from sun, without staying away from fun on a warm and sunny day. The name is partly derived from shipping terminology owing to the similar technology, as used in ships sails.  The ships sail help to move the ship with the wind and the shades sail also protects you from scorching sun. Shade sails can come in variety of shapes and sizes to suit the customization needs.

Shade Sails

What Makes Shade Sails possible?

  • The technology that makes shade sail covering perfect outdoor fabric protection is the flexibility in design.
  • The cloth used in the construction is utmost important, as most of them are prone to UV degradation, which results in holes in the cloth when exposed to sun for extensive periods
  • The cloth quality is enhanced by adding UV inhibitor to protect the cloth from UV degradation.
  • The three dimensional shapes of the sail are achieved by utilizing the natural stretch of the knitted fabric.

How to install shade sails?

  • Shade sails can vary based on type and design of sail like a horizontal sail or vertical sail. In Horizontal sail all corners are situated in same height different from vertical sails, where some corners are high and some are low.
  • Shade sails must be installed after carefully selecting the position and giving proper attention to other parameter info associated with it such as size, sun and wind speed directions.
  • Once the location is set for the shade sail, the next important part is to find the suitable distance between the mount points in the corners and then selecting the suitable place to cover.
  • Tensioning depends on the elasticity and material of the cloth used and it should be properly mounted to avoid wrinkles on the top.


How far they cover and their uses?

They are available mainly in the standard sizes of right triangle, triangle and square of different dimensions and depends on the elasticity of the cloth membrane that decides the length of area that it can cover.

Playground areas :

  • These areas can be either constructed completely as indoors or as a part of the stadium as a shelter to the crowd.
  • The guidelines to shade structures in playground areas are that there should be a clearance of at least 7 ft in between the roofline of playground structures.

Outdoor seating areas:

  • These shade sails are suitable for partying outside in the house garden. There are various types of shades available, so as to provide a pleasant experience.
  • Since outdoor seating areas can span large areas, shade sails of highly tensioned cable fabric helps in spanning much area between two posts, and is also a inexpensive way.

Swimming Pools:

  • Shade sails over swimming pools are a great way to beat the heat, by staying long hours in swimming pool without risking the harmful UV rays.
  • The shade sails can be installed in many unique ways, so as to give a modern and edgy look to the swimming pool, and for this it is very important to get everything right.

Tips to buy a shade sail

  • The purpose of buying shade sails should be clear in your mind because that will help you to find the best system required for setup.
  • Turnbuckle system is good for permanent installation, and pulley system is best for temporary purposes.
  • Choose wisely from the wide range of colours available, so that you can give a great look to the whole area.

So, keep the above mentioned points in mind and go ahead to make the best decision while buying shade sails.

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