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4 Points You Must Know When Picking Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing is one of the most inexpensive and stylish way to secure your pool area and ensure that your pets or kid does not fall into the pool while they are playing around it. Sure an open pool area is risky and this is the reason why a glass enclosure provides it with the much-needed barrier. As the name suggests, these railing systems will enhance the decor of your outdoor area, and will also create a framework of a separate pool area.

Glass Pool Fencing

Basically, there are many kinds of glass pool fencing designs to choose from that feature not only the latest designs but also help you to opt for the latest architectural advances for various kinds of pool enclosures. So, if you are planning to choose one for your home, here are a few points for you to keep in mind:

  1. Size of the Pool

    One of the first things that you need to consider while opting for any kind of glass pool fencing would be the size of the pool. If you have a very big pool then it will not make sense to cover the entire area with the glass because that would mean additional costs. However, if your budget permits then you can surely go ahead with it. But remember to choose a pattern or size of glass that compliments the pool size too. A very big pool could use some height. You should also keep some area open, and so it is best to cover the portion that opens towards the garden and let the patio area remain fence-free.

Glass Pool Fencing

  1. Height

    This is another vital aspect that you need to consider while picking glass pool fencing because you would want something that looks nice and provides added protection, but does not seem over the top. There is a wide range of heights to pick up from. You can opt for something around 3 feet for smaller pools and then go up for something as tall as 5 feet for outdoor ones.

  1. Indoor or Outdoor Pool

    Then there is the style of pool that you have. The beauty of the glass pool fencing is such that you will not have to worry about a lot of maintenance. It looks great in both the places, but since environmental damage is much lesser for indoor pools, you can compromise a bit on the thickness. In this regard you can take the kind of glass fencing that is easy to maintain as well. For outdoor pools, it is best to choose material that bears the wear and tear of the weather conditions.

Glass Pool Fencing

  1. Thickness and Styles

    • There are various kinds of styles and designs available for glass pool fencing. Some people prefer using stainless steel clamps or something that are base mounted and core drilled.
    • Then you can select something that is almost invisible or transparent without any kind of vertical posts or barriers. Many unobtrusive designs feature here that allow sunlight to enter the pool, especially for indoor varieties. Free standing system or frameless fencing systems are ideal for pool safety, without compromising on style.
    • Thickness of these glass pool fencing range from about 1/2 an inch and could go up to few inches, depending on the requirement. But most important aspect here would be safety because it should be sturdy enough to hold someone’s weight and not give away.

Last but not the least; ensure that you pick glass pool fencing from reputed sellers that have products with safety marks. A lot of cheaper alternatives maybe available but in the long run, something more durable would be important. It will help you save long-term costs, along with ensuring complete safety for those using the pool area too.

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Give Your Home Look Functional & Aesthetically By Stacker Doors

Stacker doors are one of the best ways to enhance the look of your home, without worrying about any kind of protruding metal or even edges. Basically, these are perfect for areas like decks, where there is a risk of safety with kids and pets in the house or even if the deck is located on an edgy side. These doors are especially designed to help water get out or avoid build up with drainage solutions. This also makes it perfect for homes that have adjacent pools to the deck or prefer open areas that connect the room to the outdoors.

Stacker Doors

Stacker doors are also called ‘stacking doors’ because they look like the ones that slide but here the numbers of panels are restricted. The stacker door also features in some bathrooms and doubles as a shower screen. In most cases, you will notice a 3-panel door, where only 2 panels tend to slide back and then simply stack on each other. Usually they are made of glass, steel or aluminium, but these days, experimentation with other metals and even wood and bamboo is common.

But along with function, these doors also provide decorative value to your home or outdoors. 

Facts about Stacker Doors:

Stacker Doors

  • Basically, these doors come with 2-3 panels and have slides, which are fixed behind each of these panels. Hence, there is no obstruction or intrusion.
  • You can get both fixed panels here or even opt for something that has open windows, which is incorporated via a non-sliding panel. This way when the door slides open, the windows don’t get in the way.
  • It can be used for separating your indoor or outdoor areas, especially if you like being connected to the outdoors a lot.
  • Along with this, the meeting point of the panel is flush, which ensures that tripping is avoided.
  • One also gets the benefit of having stacker doors which gives you free outside visual, but those outside cannot see what’s happening inside.


Stacker Doors

As the name suggests, these doors have a few panels that tend to get stacked on each other while in use. The panels are very thin. One can find some channels that keep your doors separated. You can also find some stops that are connected to them towards the inside edge. This permits the panels to open in the right sequence and get pushed when being closed. If one is using these for external purposes, you can also add some locks to the stacker doors for added security. In some cases, additional grills or manifestations like alarms could be installed for security purposes.


These doors are not only important from the aesthetic point of view, but they also ensure that when the weather is rough, you can protect or create a boundary between the open and closed areas. Panel stacks really do not need a lot of space when opened, but these are very important to create a barricade between outdoor and indoor space. Some stacker doors also can be used for wardrobes for saving space or create a barrier between the dressing room and the bedroom.

Available Varieties for These Doors Include:

  • Stacker doors that are made of wood, steel or iron work the best in terms of durability and security.
  • You can enhance decor with some etched glass instead of plane glass. There are options to color or paint them too
  • They can be glazed to prevent too much heat to warm up the room. Or you can add solar glasses for colder regions, which keeps the room warmer.

If you are looking for installing stacker doors and give your home look functional & aesthetically then please click here and get more useful data on it.

Furniture Upholstery: That Assures You of Beauty and Durability

Upholstering is the work of providing pieces of furniture like seats with springs, padding and webbing, besides leather and fabric covers. Upholstery furniture promises durability over a long period of time. Notwithstanding whether you buy old, vintage or new furniture, upholstery furniture gives you a wide choice of different fabrics and different colors. Maintaining it is easy and it provides great comfort. 

Buying Furniture Upholstery

Before taking the step of buying a piece of furniture which is upholstered, you should be sure of the wood used. It should be of a superior quality as this would last for a longer time and not crumble easily. Keeping in mind the two factors of style and comfort, you should make an appropriate choice that fits your requirement completely.

Furniture Upholstery

The few steps given below will help you in choosing the right piece of furniture:

  1. Analyze your requirement. There is no need of buying a sofa when all you require is a chair.
  1. The quality of the wood should be checked thoroughly, as cheap wood will only lead you to regret later and increase your expenses.
  1. Make sure that the furniture is able to provide you enough comfort. A fancy piece of furniture which looks beautiful and elegant need not necessarily be comfortable.
  1. Try out each piece before you buy it. For example, sit on the chair you have set your eyes on and judge the comfort and ease yourself.
  1. Keep alternate options in mind before you decide on a specific piece. You have to keep a rough idea of a budget that you would like to spend. As you narrow your choices, you will be able to decide better and faster. 

Master of Your Own Design

Upholstered furniture allows you to be the master of your own design as you can choose according to the interiors of your home, keeping in mind what you are looking for. There is no need of taking any assistance of an interior designer as there are a number of colors and fabrics and leather available, and you are able to opt for the best keeping in mind the color scheme and the layout of your home. 

Choose the Frame

Before you choose your furniture make sure you check out the frames. Keep in mind the following:

  1. Kiln-dried hardwood is more durable, and this includes maple, birch, gum or ash, as compared to the softwoods like fir, poplar or pine. Particle boards might be okay but they are quite often prone to chipping and splitting which makes them less durable.
  1. Making sure that the wood-joints are tenon-and-mortise as in one piece sliding into another, or dovetail, as in projections which fit into one another like gears. Make sure that these are secured together with glue. These work out much stronger than screwed joints. A frame which is poorly fitted speaks volumes of the poor construction and workmanship and there is no promise of durability.
  1. Make sure that the sofa or chair does not feel flimsy or light as this creates major problems with families who have small kids or the old and infirm members living with them.
  1. If there is a lack of bracing or support, the larger sofas or chairs will sag in the middle which will, in the long run, probably lead it to break from the weak point.
  1. Choosing regular coils which are spring shaped will ensure that your furniture would lose shape at a slower speed as compared to when interwoven or zigzag bands are used. The best stability is provided by the steel-coil springs that are normally tied by hands.

Keeping in mind few of the above mentioned tips you can go ahead and buy upholstered furniture and be assured of its durability.


Choose the Right Ducted Cooling and Heating for your Home

Just as a cooling system keeps us cool and comfortable during summers, heating systems are vital for homes that are exposed to extreme cold weathers. Ducted cooling and heating systems are ideal for warm and cool areas respectively, and they offer a host of benefits. Below mentioned are some of those.

ducted heating

Ducted heating

  • You can save a lot of money by putting in place a fully integrated ducted cooling and heating system. Apart from low energy costs, the system is also easy to operate and maintain.
  • Running costs can be further reduced by not wasting on cooling or heating spaces not being used. Ducted cooling and heating systems come with the option of zoning and this means that you can specifically cool or heat areas that you want to use.
  • Today, you can find sophisticated ducted cooling and heating systems that could be operated with just clicking on some buttons. The best systems offer enough flexibility through advanced control options.
  • Ducted cooling systems provide dehumidified, filtered, cool air. By dehumidifying the air in your home, this system effectively controls humidity during summer
  • Ducted cooling and heating systems come in different sizes allowing people to choose based on their particular needs. Long term running costs could be tailored according to your needs by choosing and installing the right sized system.
  • The same outlet arrangement and ductwork is used for cooling and heating which minimizes the effort of installing two separate systems and saves on installation costs.
  • Ducted heating and cooling systems can be directly connected to any home automation system. Available in both LPG and natural gas variations, this system offers enhanced flexibility.
  • Existing or new homes that have enough under floor space and ceilings for fittings and ductwork are ideal for this type of system.

If you are planning on installing a ducted heating system, it is important to first consider all the aspects involved in the installation because this is a major investment. Keep in mind any future lifestyle changes that may impact your heating needs.

The ducted cooling and heating system you purchase must fulfill your future and also your current needs. The value of your home is sure to greatly enhance by installing a good heating and cooling system.

All about Ducted Heating

If you opt for the ducted heating system to beat the biting cold, the central heating unit will be connected to multiple outlets. All ducts or outlets will be fixed in strategic positions throughout your home on the ceiling or on the floor.

Professionals will recommend installing the outlets on the roof if your home is constructed on concrete. If the roof is very low, they will suggest installing the unit under the floor or outside your home. Good installers will tuck the ducts connecting the heating unit to the outlets completely out of sight to maintain the aesthetics of your home.

Ducted heating systems work by drawing air from the inside of your home into the return air grille. The heater in turn accepts the flow of air from the grille. The air is warmed before it is sent out to the outlets of every home.

Advantages of Using a Ducted Heating System

There are many advantages of using a ducted heating system. You can place outlets in rooms you want heated. Using natural gas, you can power the ducted heater in a cost effective manner. Ducted cooling and heating systems is environment-friendly because they produce three times less greenhouse gas emissions than other household heating appliances.

Ducted central heating offers the zoning capability. This heating flexibility allows you to heat specific areas of your home during day and night. For example, you can keep the living area heated during the day and bedrooms during nights.  The highly economical and practical zoning capability reduces your gas bill to a great extent.

When you considered which kind of ducted cooling and heating to install, think about what your long-term needs will be and know more information on it.

Safety of your Children with the Best Steel Pool Fencing

If you have planned to install a swimming pool, then it is the right time to think and plan about the fencing as well. It is of prime importance if you have small children around the house. Pools without fencing can be the cause of a lot of misery due to the unforeseen accidents and sometimes may lead to fatal accidents. In order to save you from this tension, it makes sense to spend a little extra and make the pool safe. Nowadays, you have every city with its own set of regulations to ensure the safety of the pool. You need to carefully the regulations in mind before you plan the fencing. There are a number of options available for pool fencing. With a number of styles and materials, your pool can have the desired look. Fencing does not mean drab and dull. You can get the fencing in iron, wood, PVC, and steel. You need to know the different qualities of the different materials available to make the right choice.

Steel Pool Fencing

Pros and Cons of Different Fencing

It is easy to opt for wood pool fencing because they are less expensive and can offer good privacy besides being easy to install, but the disadvantage to these is that they age besides being prone to damage by the wind and have limited styles. It makes better sense to choose for fencing that is sturdier, even though you might have to pay a wee bit extra. You can think of the steel fences which have a major advantage of strength and durability. These can also be easily installed and have various styles and designs to fit your requirements. These days you are able to galvanize steel or even protective wet paint and powder coatings can extend the life of these fences. These fencings are available in a number of tubular options with the advantage of steel being inert to corrosion.

Find the right manufacturers of Steel Fencing

Steel Fencing

There is no way you can opt for just any manufacturers for getting the fencing of your pool because this plays an extremely important role with regard to the safety of your children. Look for manufacturers who can guarantee the quality of material that is used for fencing, be it the aluminum, PVC, wood or steel. It is better to pay a little extra and be assured of the material rather than regret in the future. You need to make sure that the fence pickets are spaced tight and to the manufacturer are able to offer you various choices in the style. It is all the better if these manufacturers follow the safety guidelines for fences.  Good quality steel fences will be made of Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel with a coated finish of baked-on powder enamel. This ensures a longer life span. The installation can be Do-it-yourself or by a professional contractor.  If you are not too sure about this, it is advisable to get it installed. Before you make the final decision you can ask for a price quote in order to be sure about the budget.

Make sure of the costs and maintenance

You can decide by gathering information on the warranty given by the manufacturers. There are many of the manufacturers which give a lifetime warranty, which is apt for pool fencing. This warranty can provide protection against manufacturer defects on material, parts and also installation. While choosing a manufacturer you can look into the experience also. An experienced manufacturer does have the pool fences tested by an independent company to certify according to the safety standards.

So, go ahead and ensure the safety of your children with a sturdy and reliable steel fencing around your pool.