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Choose the Right Ducted Cooling and Heating for your Home

Just as a cooling system keeps us cool and comfortable during summers, heating systems are vital for homes that are exposed to extreme cold weathers. Ducted cooling and heating systems are ideal for warm and cool areas respectively, and they offer a host of benefits. Below mentioned are some of those.

ducted heating

Ducted heating

  • You can save a lot of money by putting in place a fully integrated ducted cooling and heating system. Apart from low energy costs, the system is also easy to operate and maintain.
  • Running costs can be further reduced by not wasting on cooling or heating spaces not being used. Ducted cooling and heating systems come with the option of zoning and this means that you can specifically cool or heat areas that you want to use.
  • Today, you can find sophisticated ducted cooling and heating systems that could be operated with just clicking on some buttons. The best systems offer enough flexibility through advanced control options.
  • Ducted cooling systems provide dehumidified, filtered, cool air. By dehumidifying the air in your home, this system effectively controls humidity during summer
  • Ducted cooling and heating systems come in different sizes allowing people to choose based on their particular needs. Long term running costs could be tailored according to your needs by choosing and installing the right sized system.
  • The same outlet arrangement and ductwork is used for cooling and heating which minimizes the effort of installing two separate systems and saves on installation costs.
  • Ducted heating and cooling systems can be directly connected to any home automation system. Available in both LPG and natural gas variations, this system offers enhanced flexibility.
  • Existing or new homes that have enough under floor space and ceilings for fittings and ductwork are ideal for this type of system.

If you are planning on installing a ducted heating system, it is important to first consider all the aspects involved in the installation because this is a major investment. Keep in mind any future lifestyle changes that may impact your heating needs.

The ducted cooling and heating system you purchase must fulfill your future and also your current needs. The value of your home is sure to greatly enhance by installing a good heating and cooling system.

All about Ducted Heating

If you opt for the ducted heating system to beat the biting cold, the central heating unit will be connected to multiple outlets. All ducts or outlets will be fixed in strategic positions throughout your home on the ceiling or on the floor.

Professionals will recommend installing the outlets on the roof if your home is constructed on concrete. If the roof is very low, they will suggest installing the unit under the floor or outside your home. Good installers will tuck the ducts connecting the heating unit to the outlets completely out of sight to maintain the aesthetics of your home.

Ducted heating systems work by drawing air from the inside of your home into the return air grille. The heater in turn accepts the flow of air from the grille. The air is warmed before it is sent out to the outlets of every home.

Advantages of Using a Ducted Heating System

There are many advantages of using a ducted heating system. You can place outlets in rooms you want heated. Using natural gas, you can power the ducted heater in a cost effective manner. Ducted cooling and heating systems is environment-friendly because they produce three times less greenhouse gas emissions than other household heating appliances.

Ducted central heating offers the zoning capability. This heating flexibility allows you to heat specific areas of your home during day and night. For example, you can keep the living area heated during the day and bedrooms during nights.  The highly economical and practical zoning capability reduces your gas bill to a great extent.

When you considered which kind of ducted cooling and heating to install, think about what your long-term needs will be and know more information on it.