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Give Your Home Look Functional & Aesthetically By Stacker Doors

Stacker doors are one of the best ways to enhance the look of your home, without worrying about any kind of protruding metal or even edges. Basically, these are perfect for areas like decks, where there is a risk of safety with kids and pets in the house or even if the deck is located on an edgy side. These doors are especially designed to help water get out or avoid build up with drainage solutions. This also makes it perfect for homes that have adjacent pools to the deck or prefer open areas that connect the room to the outdoors.

Stacker Doors

Stacker doors are also called ‘stacking doors’ because they look like the ones that slide but here the numbers of panels are restricted. The stacker door also features in some bathrooms and doubles as a shower screen. In most cases, you will notice a 3-panel door, where only 2 panels tend to slide back and then simply stack on each other. Usually they are made of glass, steel or aluminium, but these days, experimentation with other metals and even wood and bamboo is common.

But along with function, these doors also provide decorative value to your home or outdoors. 

Facts about Stacker Doors:

Stacker Doors

  • Basically, these doors come with 2-3 panels and have slides, which are fixed behind each of these panels. Hence, there is no obstruction or intrusion.
  • You can get both fixed panels here or even opt for something that has open windows, which is incorporated via a non-sliding panel. This way when the door slides open, the windows don’t get in the way.
  • It can be used for separating your indoor or outdoor areas, especially if you like being connected to the outdoors a lot.
  • Along with this, the meeting point of the panel is flush, which ensures that tripping is avoided.
  • One also gets the benefit of having stacker doors which gives you free outside visual, but those outside cannot see what’s happening inside.


Stacker Doors

As the name suggests, these doors have a few panels that tend to get stacked on each other while in use. The panels are very thin. One can find some channels that keep your doors separated. You can also find some stops that are connected to them towards the inside edge. This permits the panels to open in the right sequence and get pushed when being closed. If one is using these for external purposes, you can also add some locks to the stacker doors for added security. In some cases, additional grills or manifestations like alarms could be installed for security purposes.


These doors are not only important from the aesthetic point of view, but they also ensure that when the weather is rough, you can protect or create a boundary between the open and closed areas. Panel stacks really do not need a lot of space when opened, but these are very important to create a barricade between outdoor and indoor space. Some stacker doors also can be used for wardrobes for saving space or create a barrier between the dressing room and the bedroom.

Available Varieties for These Doors Include:

  • Stacker doors that are made of wood, steel or iron work the best in terms of durability and security.
  • You can enhance decor with some etched glass instead of plane glass. There are options to color or paint them too
  • They can be glazed to prevent too much heat to warm up the room. Or you can add solar glasses for colder regions, which keeps the room warmer.

If you are looking for installing stacker doors and give your home look functional & aesthetically then please click here and get more useful data on it.