Innovative Ways to Decorate Your Marble Fireplace Surrounds

Marble Fireplace surrounds are a great way to spruce up the décor of your living room or even bedroom. Marble is a material featured for centuries when it comes to fireplaces or chimneys. It has been a crucial element in architecture, be it the basic design of a chimney or even for creating an impressionable surround. Marble surrounds are not only for décor of the fireplace enhanced, but most importantly it is for the safety.

Marble Fireplace SurroundsHowever, there are more than one ways in which you can use marble fireplace surrounds for your home. Be it for redecoration purposes or simply putting in a new design, there are a lot of options available in the market for marble designs.

Below mentioned are few ideas that will help you rework the clichéd yet durable and aesthetically appealing marble:

  • One Tile Over The Other 
    The tile over tile is a kind of marble fireplace which has been around for ages. But it has been given a contemporary feel with newer ideas and merging of patterns. Basically, the marble place surround comes with no lose cracks or tiles. You can install it over the existing fireplace as well. The idea is to use a marble that compliments the older theme. So, one can create a contrast of classic and contemporary designs.
  • Painting Marble
    This is a cost effective and very economical way to re-do your marble fireplace surround without much hassle. Basically, the fireplace is a place that is really dry and so there is not much moisture. This gives you the freedom to paint all that you want around here, without bothering about the paint smearing. And if you want, you can hand paint the same by using urethane-based primer along with a choice of topcoat for sealing the paint. You can pick single colors or go for motifs or designs that complement the same.

Marble Fireplace

  • Slabbing
    Another way that marble fireplace surrounds can be improvised would be by using different kinds of slabs to create a geometrical pattern. Basically, it means using or putting in different kinds of marble slabs for creating a stylish pattern. You can also try putting in new slabs and take out a few older ones for redecorating purposes. Another option here is using merger of marble with either granite or even a stone yard kind of setting. New tiles of marbles with colored patterns or texture could also be added. The surround then has a more contemporary look.

Other Combinations That You Can Try:

  • Marble also looks great with a bit of ledge stone finishing. Actually, this is an idea that works for marble fireplace surrounds that will go from floor to the ceiling. Have a bit of ledge stone near the bottom of the fireplace and then you can have the marble surround. On the top, add ledge stone again to create more depth.
  • Marble with steel is a combination that will work very well. It is minimalistic and yet contemporary. The overall cost is not much but if you want something new with your marble fireplace surround, then this would be a great idea.
Marble Fireplace Surrounds

Marble Fireplace Surrounds

  • And of course, for those who really don’t want to spoil the look of the existing fireplace or create something new with marble, then there is the classic white marble fireplace option. It means using simple and classy white marble, which adds drama without being very flashy or gaudy. This marble effect remains timeless and surely is easy to maintain too.

So, go ahead and enjoy the marble fireplace surrounds with a twist or stick to the classics! With Innovative Ways to decorate your fireplace & make your home look stylish.

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