All about Grid Ceilings and Its Various Usage

Grid ceilings are actually false ceilings that have got excellent sound absorbing capability. There are various companies involved in manufacturing ceilings and they have wide range of designs to choose from. Grid ceilings also provide acoustic sound absorption, which is applicable for all types of recording studio.

Grid Ceiling

Depending on the use and purpose, the grid ceilings are available in a wide range:-

  • Mineral Fiber Grid Ceiling – This product is class ‘A’ rated fiber ceiling that is used for the panels or tiles. It is compatible with suspension system. This provides the best possible sound absorption capability and optimizes acoustic features overall.
  • Wood Ceilings – This type of wood grid ceilings are a visual delight for the sight, mainly used in office or for home decorations purpose. A wood ceiling conveys an elegant and a sense of aristocracy with its natural beauty.

The grid ceiling is also available in exposed and concealed grid option. Grid ceilings material is known for sound absorption and sound reduction from the room. Various companies provide a wide range of size for the grid ceilings. Grid ceilings tiles are used based on the requirement. There are gypsum grid ceiling, mineral fiber grid ceiling and metal grid ceilings are also available. The only benefit of such grid ceilings tile is that, it provides wonderful texture designs and moderate sound absorption facility. 

Suspended Grid Ceiling

Suspended Acoustic Grid Ceilings

This kind of grid system could be easily installed at home as well. Depending upon the room size, you can determine the grid pattern that suits your room. As the very name suggests, this is a suspended grid ceiling and so proper acoustic ceiling tile and other products are used with the right measurement according to the room size. The tiles are either glued or stapled to the new grid ceilings or existing surface of the ceiling.

Uses of Grid Ceilings

Grid ceilings panel provide a very smooth texture, which is comparatively smoother than others, this also allows NRC (noise reduction coefficient), CAC (ceiling attenuation class). The materials used in grid ceilings are easy to clean, and so vacuum or brush cleaner can be used for cleaning purpose. These grid ceilings are mainly used in offices, schools, hotels, music studios, recording studios etc.

You can also seek professional help because they can guide you and give the best possible advice for choosing the right suspended grid ceiling appropriate for your walls. Because with the experience, a professional can state other important factors such as, lighting and the reflection in your room, due to the presence of grid ceiling. Suspended grid ceiling plays important part for deciding the interior lights. 

Grid Ceiling

Cost for Grid Ceiling Installation

The cost for getting grid ceilings depend upon the factors like, size of the room, shape, height of the ceiling, changes in the level of the wall or any other necessary changes. So it is not possible to predict a budget without calculating the space. But you can get help from a professional contractor with regard to the expected budget required for installing grid ceilings. 

Time Factor for Grid Ceiling Installation

The time factor is greatly affected due to the size and shape of the room. At the same time, if the work is done under the guidance of a professional expert, then it will need less time as compared to doing it yourself.  Getting professional could also be handy if you think you have made any mistake specially with the measurement of the grid ceilings, then the entire set up gets wasted for wrong measurement or due to the lack of knowledge on your side.

Hope you like the abovementioned details!!! If you want to know more about grid ceilings. Then let’s have look and get more details.

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