What are the Features of Wellmaster Hoses?

Wellmaster has earned a name for itself in being the first bore drop hose. Being in the industry for more than two decades, this brand has constantly upgraded its quality and reached a superior level. Wellmaster hoses are of great value and multiple benefits. The uniqueness of this product lies in its single piece construction “through-the-weave”. These hoses are the synthetic yarns of very high modulus which provide ample strength so that the riser could be used as much as in 400 meters depths. In certain cases, this would not even need more support system.

Wellmaster hoses

Longevity, durability and class – the other name for Wellmaster Hoses:

These have a long life prospect. Hence, by using these hoses, you can have financial bonuses for many years in one go. The maintenance cost is also very low. Since they require very little power cable slack, you will have less electricity bills. With these hoses, you can expect to have great accuracy in pump setting. Any particular damage can be avoided with these hoses settings.

Installation is easy and hydraulic performance gives greater benefits:

When it comes to the installation, Wellmaster hoses offer simple installation and simpler retrieval. The long and continuous lengths are far lighter than the rigid pipes. In fact, these are as much as 75% lighter! Absence of sectional joints enables faster retrieval. If you are concerned about managing the accessories, then with these hoses the accessories like the level probes are easily manageable. You can expect superior hydraulic performance from Wellmaster hoses. Wellmaster hoses have bigger swell characteristics; this again means that flow would be greater and there will be less friction. The pumping cost is also considerably low with these hoses.

Technical Complexity and Operational Cost is less:


Another interesting benefit that you can have from Wellmaster hoses is that very little water hammer is required on pump shutdown. The tights bores would provide greater flow and facilitate the entire process.

The set-up cost of Wellmaster hoses is quite low. Being lightweight and compact, these hoses do not cost any significant amount in terms of storage and transportation. Even when it comes to its installation, low manpower levels are required so as to reduce the overall set-up cost. The operational cost is also very low because of superior hydraulic performance. Efficient pumping results in low friction and as such operational cost also remains reduced.

  1. Wellmaster hoses are durable, sturdy and tough. These can resist corrosion, microbiological interference and scaling as well. Since high quality of hydraulic performance is maintained, it results in energy saving over its lifetime operation.
  2. The performance of these hoses is great and the hose can also swell up to as much as 15% over the diameter that is unchanged under the conditions of its operation and ensures higher flow rates as compared to other pipes that are rigid. Due to the exceptional flexibility, these hoses can do away with noise; surges are dampened and damages caused due to vibration are also minimized considerably.


Apart from knowing the advantages that Wellmaster hoses offer, some of the typical applications are also required to be known for reference. These include the following:

  1. In desalination plants, water supply wells
  2. In preventing saline intrusion
  3. Stabilizing groundwater in building sites
  4. Scavenger pumping requirements
  5. Reduction groundwater pressure in tunneling
  6. Mineral and portable groundwater extraction
  7. Offshore pumping of fire protection
  8. Offshore rigs, drains and caisson duty

When it comes to groundwater extraction and operations related to well monitoring, nothing can be paralleled to Wellmaster hoses! 

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