Installation Procedure Of Boreline

Water scarcity, dirty water, acute water conditions- these are a few of the many commonly faced problems by all and sundry. Depleting water table, contaminated water sites or environmental hazards have forced human beings to invent ways for themselves for safe, clean and easily accessible water.

What is bore water?

Bore water basically refers to that type of water which is drilled from underground. A bore hole is dug into the ground till it reaches the level of water, and the water is brought high above with the help of bore pipes. This water can be derived from an aquifer when rainwater trickles down inside the stones, the rocks, and it is drilled out with the help of bore pumps. This type of a pump is very suitable for an area where there is extreme scarcity of water.

How bore water is different from the other sources of water?

Traditionally water was naturally available through wells, rivers, ponds etc. And it was not even contaminated. But with the increase in population coupled with multiple use of water as a natural resource, water scarcity started to set in:

  • It was found that be digging for water into the ground; ground water can actually be brought above the surface of the earth, with the help of motor pumps.
  • These pumps did pull out water but they had and still have problems like galvanization, constant replacement of pump or motor or pipe or all.
  • Then there was this Boreline technology that took birth. This is a very convenient way of getting water from under the Earth as it can really go deep. It is safe, world approved, very efficient and sustainable technology so far. This technology is the best available when efficiency and highest standards cannot be compromised.

The installation procedure is very simple as stated under:

  • First the boreline and the pump need to be connected to each other.
  • Then the power cable needs to be attached to the boreline through cable straps.
  • And lastly, the pump is lifted and the boreline is lowered in.

It can be installed both vertically and horizontally and this can be finished within few hours.

Also a lot of industries like agriculture, mining, solar etc cannot function without this Boreline Technology. Let’s take a quick look at the advantages that the Boreline has to offer over other conventional options like Steel pipes, PVC pipes or Fiberglass pipes.

  • Life Expectancy

Unlike steel, Boreline has very high life expectancy with Fiberglass and PVC coming very close. Steel wears out with time so avoid steel pipe installations.

  • Transportation & Storage

Boreline pipes are the easiest among the options available to transport as well as store. You do not need heavy vehicles like trucks to do the job for borelines. So a big cost saving is included over here. Also in areas where transportation through land is difficult or not possible, Boreline can be transported with the help of helicopters given the low weight and thereby save cost too.

  • Installation & retrieval

Borelines can be installed with the help of just two people; you do not need a labor force to install a bore machine into the ground. Also in the event of a need to retrieve the Boreline, the same rule applies.

  • Corrosion resistance

Steel and fiberglass just do not seem to be the best option when time is involved. These pipes tend to corrode or galvanize because of their chemical properties whereas both Boreline and PVC pipes are good for corrosion resistance in the long term.

  • One Stretch length

Steel and fiberglass cannot provide you with any running length as required depending on how deep is the source. Boreline is a great option for a single running length pipe. PVC is a strong contender too.

Apart from this, it is also to be noted that there are no side-effects or any kind of contamination.


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