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Modern Staircases: Make Your Home Or Office Look Stylish

How to choose staircase design? Are you getting confused? But this is true that just like all the other parts of your house, your stair case also requires refurbishing and designing. Winding staircases, wooden and also glass staircases which contain aquariums- are some of the most contemporary designs which show that staircases are not just a connective link between two floors of the house, but they are also an elegant way to present your house to your guests.

Modern Staircase

Modern Staircase

Into the Staircase world

  • Straight staircase is the most common type of staircase you have noticed. They are structured on a single staircase with continuous straight stairs which connects two different floors in a house, building or even at an office.
  • Straight staircases may seem old but yet elegant if you can afford to have it designed in a grand manner.
  • But on the other side, there is spiral shaped modern staircase which allows landings in between the platforms.
  • Modern interior technique involves use of new materials, fine finish of timber, use of metal spindles and many more.
  • To add more variety to your interiors, you can mix and match straight and spiral staircases which are one of the most contemporary stair designs.

About modern staircase

There are always pros and cons of everything you wish to have, so when it is about staircase, there is no exception. But having the right kind of staircase and according to your wish, is what matters. Those who want to add more spark to the living area, you can also try out wooden and metallic staircases in spiral designs.

Different varieties of staircase

  • Straight staircase is one of the simplest design available and a common renovation too. But with the introduction of various advanced design technique. Though straight staircase looks simple and dull now, this is due to the inception of modern techniques involved in staircase design.
  • L-shaped staircase is definitely more modern as compared to straight staircase. These stairs provide landing near every flight and it has various advantages over straight staircase. Usually this type of staircase is located in the corner portion of a room. But the disadvantage is it takes a lot of floor space as compared to straight design. At the same time the construction work is complicated and difficult. There are certain construction rules that should be maintained in order to build L-shaped staircase.

Different other varieties of staircase:

  • Half turn or U shaped staircase, involves 2 steps of flight and it runs parallel connecting each other along with a 180 degree turn with a spacious landing. The floor space is required is less as compared to other staircase shapes and resting space is available. The only disadvantage is it requires a huge space and cost of construction is definitely high as compared to other staircase.
  • Winder is a different kind of staircase with pie shaped, with narrow step at one side and the other side offers wide space.
  • Tree-shaped staircases, tree barks or even bookcase-shaped staircases can actually fill in your home with a new contemporary and modern look. Circular staircase is another trending modern staircase with wonderful and innovative designs. Usually it suits best with apartment having two levels and this further helps to give an exciting architectural element into the entire interior designing.
  • Last but not the least you can rely on professional and experts for having an elegant modern staircase. Because staircase makes a great difference how your home may look. If the staircase is not placed properly, the home will definitely will look awkward.

Rest assured with careful consideration and the right choice while designing your staircase, otherwise, you can also consult staircase and interior designers for getting the complete mix and match varieties of traditional and modern staircase.

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