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Paint Markers: The Basic Uses of These and Types of Markers

Are you aware as to what a paint marker is? What can we do with it and what it can be used for? Here are some basic details which you should know:

What is it? 

Paint markers are a sort of a marker pen, when the people wish to make permanent markers on many different type of surfaces like that of ceramic, paper, metal, glass and stones. These are also used by teachers while they want to highlight important points during an ongoing class, or if they wish to highlight numerical facts about any project. They are however different from the most permanent markers.




You should purchase good quality ink for the marker:

  • The ink that is used in the paint markers is based on oil. In this kind of marker, it is necessary to shake the marker before you use it. Moreover, the, the line will not fade easily despite its exposure to UV light.
  • It is for this reason that the paint from the paint marker is really permanent.
  • Other than these advantages, these sorts of products are also not devoid of their shortcomings or even dangers. One of the major cons is that they consist of toxic compounds or toluene which can produce some sort of a danger when they are used.

They can also dampen or damage your skin, if you touch the marker point very often with naked fingers.

What are its uses?

With the help of these paint markers, you will need it if you are interested in making some sort of a drawing on your grip tape. It is a very popular technique which is used on skateboarders. It will also be possible for you to use the paint markers to write your signature on T-shirts with it.

How can I select a paint marker?

If you are looking for the paint markers, you will not have to spend a lot of time. The reason for this is that you will be able to get them from the many offline shops as well as many online stores. There are also many simple brands. In order to purchase the best paint markers here are some tips you should remember when you buy one.

You must ensure that what you have selected does not have spirit  ink. The reason for this is that it will fade due to exposure to UV light. It is also necessary for you to know the cost of shipping.

Different Sorts of industrial paint markers

  • Body panel markers: They are popular with the collision shop assessors as well as with the insurance adjusters. It’s because they serve as a means of customer information and damage on windshields and body panels. They are also resistant to water and at the same time they can also be removed with the mildest cleaners.
  • Paint Markers: You can use these markers to paint glasses. It is non-toxic as well as thermo-hardening in nature. You will be able to get them in a wide variety of colors and they are available in a huge range of tips such as brush tips, thick tips and fine tips. It can therefore be used exclusively to write and draw with ease.

In order to give a permanent marking to parts the permanent paint markers can be made use of in place of labels and tags. They are attainable in felt tip for wet surfaces, for sturdy paint markers as well as for smooth metal surface. They make use of enamel paint that is oil based as they can easily be marked on oily surfaces.

Now that you have gained a lot of information about this product, go and give it a try.