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Phlebotomy Chairs For Best Comfort Of The Patients

Blood test is a nightmare for most people. They are scared of needles and the whole process is honestly not very comforting. When you are sitting for a blood test wondering about your health, you are already anxious about the results. In addition to that if you are made to sit on a chair that is uncomfortable without an arm rest, how bad would you feel? What most people are not aware of is that when you are tensed, the sitting posture automatically changes.

Phlebotomy Chairs

Examine the quality of the phlebotomy chairs:

Your muscles start tightening and you start experiencing discomfort. That is why it is extremely important that when you are under stress of any kind you, you need to sit in a comfortable position. This way, your body will relax soon and so will your mind. Phlebotomy chairs are thus the perfect solution to these troubles: 

  • These are the chairs that most doctors recommend to use while your blood is being drawn for a test. They have an arm rest, a comfortable back and are designed especially for this purpose.
  • The heightened arm rest allows the patients, especially the older ones, to sit comfortably without any pain. Phlebotomy chairs are of different kinds. The basic feature of all the chairs are the same, however, there are some minor differences.
  • The color and size varies depending on the customer. Some chairs come with an attached table top as well. They are extremely stylish in look. Using bright colored chairs in a clinic can verily lighten up the place.
  • These are the best examples for functionality and style. The arms can be quickly adjusted with quick release mechanisms. Here are some standard features that all phlebotomy chairs possess in general:

Adjustment according to the patient’s height:

The seat and back can be upholstered in different fabrics depending on the comfort of the buyer without any additional charges. With this, you can choose your desired color and material. The arm pads on either side of the chair are field replaceable. Fixed arms are included which help in prevention of injuries. Many times, patients faint or fall over while their blood is drawn. This is very risky and could lead to serious damages. Hence these chairs have fixed arms which fix the patient in a specific, standard position. These chairs are height adjustable as well. The height can be changed according to the patient’s height. It possesses a quick release mechanism which allows the function. Padded arms are height adjustable so that the same chair is used for various patients.

  • The seat is usually 20” in height which makes the entry and exit from chair easy.
  • Some chairs offer a variety of anti-bacterial and anti-microbial Crypton and Vinyl through their fabric supply partners.
  • Each of the chairs can take up to 500 lbs. It has been tested. The best part about these chairs is that they can be custom made to your specific needs. There is a lot of risk involved while you are giving blood.
  • Many patients need to be sedated before their blood is drawn. The phlebotomy chairs are adjustable in every way. They lock the patient inside the chair without giving any discomfort to the patient.

These are standard chairs that all doctors recommend for use. They are also known as blood drawing chairs. Some of these chairs also have a foot pump attached to it and this provides good support to the feet. The posture that you sit in on these chairs helps to relax your nerves. These chairs are on the whole very helpful and essential for those who fear of blood tests. If you want to know more then let’s have a look to get additional information about phlebotomy chairs.