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Select The Perfect Front Door Handles Which Suit The Door

The front door is not just any door for your house. It has multiple functions. It is almost the face of your house. At the same time, since it is the entry of your home, it also has to be strong. Thus, it is very important to have sturdy front door handles for your door. You get different types of door handles now. Also called door knobs, these come in various designs to suit a different kind of doors. Security and aesthetics are two important points to be considered when you go for front door handles’ shopping.

Front Door Handles

Types of front door handles

Traditional door handle: The handle is round in shape and the size fits the palm of the hand. It has to be twisted to open or lock.  Generally, three versions are available which are passage, privacy and keyed. Apart from the round shape, the door handle is also available in bell, tulip, ball and more shapes. The advantage of traditional front door handle is that it suits all type of doors and can be easily installed. Since it is available in all kinds of finishes and decorative trim, no matter what type of door you have, you will be able to easily find a traditional door handle for the same.

Lever doorknobs or handles: These are very popular widely because they are easy to operate. One has to just push the lever up or down and so children, elderly and those with grip problems can easily use the handle. They are available in different finishes and various designs and can be easily installed.

Thumb-piece door handle: It is also one of the popular doorknobs for front doors and usually operates with a deadbolt lock. The bolt is positioned in way that when you place your hand on it; the thumb is naturally on the bolt. On pressing the bolt with the thumb, it can be opened. These types of door handles give an elegant and stylish look to the door. They are also available in all types of finishes. The main advantage of the thumb-piece front door handle is that it is tailored to the natural movement of the thumb, and hence convenient to operate.

Choose the best front door handle suitable for your door

The front door handle is more than looking good, design and finish. It is also your defence system to keep your house safe and it also needs to enhance the locking system of your front door.

The type of front door you have: Is there only one front door to your house? That means, the access to your house is just through the single door and there is no additional security doors or locks, then you should consider having a strong door handle to your front door. If you have an extra front door or gate, then a lever handle is best for this door. It is just that such a knob can be opened from the outside too and if you do not wish that, then you will have to lock the door physically.

A design that will suit the surroundings: Another factor to consider while choosing the front door handle is that it should match the door and other door hardware.

Good finish: A front door handle will be exposed to climate changes all the time. Hence, it is important to choose a door knob that can withstand such climatic changes such as harsh sunlight, extreme cold weather, snowfall or even rain. Hence, it is best to use finishes such as bronze, stainless steel, satin or nickel in such cases.

Do a good research before finalising the right one: With so many varieties in design, finishes, styles and types, it can be confusing. Hence, do a thorough research and choose the right one after considering the type of door you have, the climate you live in and the kind of people staying in your house. If there are elderly people and children in the house, it is best to choose a front door handle that is easy to operate.

Your budget: Lastly, your budget is of utmost importance while choosing the door handle. If you have to buy handles for all doors, then uniformity will help and also the handles have to be chosen depending upon the function of each door. Different handles come in different prices and hence choose carefully.  If want you know more details about front door handle then please visit here.