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What Is Evaporative Cooling And How Can You Select An Evaporative Cooler?

Swamp cooler, or in other words, evaporating coolers  seem to be a blessing in low humidity areas, as they can keep the house cool by simply cooling the air from the outdoors by passing it over pads which are water-saturated which causes the evaporation of the water. The air which is warm is pushed out from the windows of your home. You should make sure of leaving the windows open partly which can allow the warm air from indoors to be pushed out. This is different from the air conditioning system as this can provide fresh air and not re-circulate the same stale air.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Cooling System being a popular choice

As this process of evaporative cooling depends only on water evaporation consuming very little energy and at the same time being able to cool the house significantly, you find that most people prefer this. Evaporative cooling also works as a great investment that you find that it pays off itself in only few seasons. The maintenance is on the lower side which works out another saving. You can think of this as this cooling system is also environmental friendly.

Selecting Evaporative Coolers

You can say that these evaporative coolers are rated in accordance cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air that is delivered by them into your home. You can find models with a range from 3,000 right up to 25,000 cfm. You need to find out the area of your home to be cooled and taking the right guidance from the manufacturers opt for the one which fits your requirement.

The Operating of the evaporative Coolers

You should make sure to look for the evaporative coolers with two speeds and an option of vent-only. During this option (vent-only) you do not get the water pump operating and there is no humidification of the outside air. Here, you can use this cooler as ‘whole house fan’ during milder weather conditions. You are able to control the air movement which is cooler by adjusting the openings of your windows. You need to make sure the vents or windows are opened on the side which is leeward in the house so as to be able to provide round 2 square feet opening for every cooling capacity of 1,000 cfm. You need to adopt the trial and error method to make sure that the right amount of windows are opened, or else, you might get the warm air from the outside entering your home.

Benefits of Evaporative cooling

You are able to regulate the humidity and the temperature by keeping the windows open in the areas you need to cool and keep the windows closed in areas which are unoccupied. If you face security problems with open windows you can think of installing up-ducts in the ceiling. These can exhaust the air which is warm into your attic and you get cool air from the evaporative cooler. Though these coolers, which are installed with up-ducts require additional ventilation in the attic.

Servicing of the Evaporative Coolers

It is essential to maintain these evaporative coolers regularly if you looking for gaining out of this to the maximum. It is advisable to look for professionals which can offer you the servicing of these evaporative coolers with some sort of guarantee. You need to make sure of their reputation and this can be done by asking for references. Make sure that the services make no compromises on standard and quality. To save a little on finances, you need not compromise. You can work out the cost before you hand over the servicing of your evaporative coolers to any company. Servicing these evaporative coolers also ensures that they work efficiently when most required.

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