Origin of French Provincial Kitchen and its Distinctive Features

A fabulous combination of elegance and warmth marks the distinctive lifestyle of French provincial-style kitchen. These are stylishly designed kitchens yet exuding a traditional and quaint feeling lending a character of its own. The ambience is purely meant to suit your lifestyle and personal taste.

Hire professionals having the best creative flair and expertise to help you build a kitchen space, the center of attraction of your home. If you need a customized space with your preferred design for cabinets and cupboards, the team will be able to do it for you. Nevertheless, in order to get the best of what you want, the following points will sum up the special features of French provincial type. 

French Provincial Kitchen

Features of French Provincial Kitchen

  • Usually, the walls and furniture have hand-painted finishes
  • Adorned with kick plates and dentil cornices that look fascinating and is quintessentially French
  • Bar backs are a must, and you can find beautifully designed framed end panels for sinks or cabinets
  • These type of kitchens flaunt extensive use of columns, corbels, pilasters and flutes
  • The benchtops and countertops are usually crafted out of granite or timber or tiles or stones
  • Hand forged iron brackets are most common
  • Wrought iron is the prime material used for creating kitchen handles
  • Glass-made cupboard doors featuring glazing bars add to the appeal
  • Windowed cabinet doors and ornamental carvings are a specialty of such kitchens
  • Yet again, mantel type concealed range hood is commonly observed
  • Kitchen sinks made out of white porcelain is a signature style of French provincial kitchens
  • Kitchen island benches play a dominant role in these kitchens

Origin of the Style:

  • The style goes back to the remote areas of French provinces where craftsmen started experimenting with urban and rural designs. The idea is to beautifully blend ‘town’ designs of Lyon and Paris with country accents that result into typically French provincial style. However, the craftsmen did a fantastic job of toning down the ‘town’ styles in order to complement with the laid-back country style.
  • Intricate carvings strikingly matched with hand-painted finishes are reminiscent of ornate styles used in lavishly designed furniture. French provincial design typically inculcates the same style ensuring trends for kitchen spaces. The true meaning of such a kitchen favors subtle and soft hues like neutrals, antique whites; baby blue tainted on off-whites and muted coffees. These are the few selected colors used to highlight the elaborate designed aspects of the space.
  • The best way to tap the quintessence of French countryside style is by intricately designing and precisely installing French provincial kitchen in your home. A highly sophisticated, organized kitchen style includes exciting design elements. Indeed, these fabulously designed kitchen style helps to add value, enigma and a whimsical charm to both your kitchen and abode.
  • Everything about French style is timeless and sophisticated. When designing a French provincial kitchen the idea is to strike a chord with both modern and traditional styles. It echoes the classical elegance and warmth of the 17th and 18th century.

How to inject some modernism in the style?

The right way to do it would be by adding mismatched cabinets to add a little style. Opt for bold colors when it comes to cabinets, whereas leave the rest of the kitchen in neutral shade which is the significance of French provincial style. Glass-front cabinets with stone slabs along with stainless steel appliances bring a Midas touch to the whole aura.

After all, it depends upon your preference for style and design. Call an expert designer who can suggest you of the right look and designs as per your demand. Customized kitchens are call of the day. The article provides you many ideas so that you can land with an ultimate choice to the best of your desire. Still want you know extra info about French provincial kitchen. Then please visit us and get the best one kitchen style.


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