Features and Advantages of a Glass Shower Screen

The shower screen is not just a bathroom vanity product that makes a partition between the actual bathroom space and the bathing area, but it also enhances the longevity of your bathroom floors and walls, as a separate glass shower screen can retain your privacy and also enhance the interior look of your bathroom. Frosted glass, etched glass and simple glass sheets can be used to make a durable and corrosion-proof shower screen. There are also portable shower screens which can be attached and detached according to your requirements.

Shower Screen

Features of a glass shower screen, which you can install in your bathroom:

  • Glass shower screen is more non-conventional, but at the same time, it is also fragile, and if you use it for regular purpose, then you must install a sturdy shower screen. A folding door can be an ideal option because it will help people to optimize the space make the bathroom look fabulous as well as amazing.
  • Another parameter before the purchasing of the screen is the location which can prove to be the best solution for the buyers. Corner of the bathroom or the center of the wall can be wonderful alternatives that would not allow the space to look cluttered. If the screen is installed in the center, it should be d shaped to transform the ambience and make it look attractive.
  • Glass panels combined with sliding door enclosures and screens go along way to add to the aesthetic vitality of your bathroom.

Selecting and installing a glass shower screen:

  • Glass can be a fragile material, therefore select the tempered version that has a thickness of about 10mm. It is quite safe and very easy to clean as well as maintain. Buying toughened glass is a wise choice especially for the areas imbibing wet enclosure.
  • If you are suffering from budgetary constraints, opt for the glasses with thickness of about 6mm. If the panels are larger, the glasses will be curvier depending on the requirements and the specifications of the customers.

Choose about the protective framing and the connecting joints before you install the shower screen:

Prior to the purchase, you need to examine whether the glasses have protective framing because they can get broken in absence of protection. Some shower enclosures are equipped while others are devoid of it. You need to make a decision based on the individual preferences. Trays play a very important role so that the panels can be fitted in to the shower doors. It is important to check the size of the tray before ordering the purchase. If the recess shower enclosure is being installed, one has tile the walls on which it is to be attached. Therefore, prior estimation of tiling and cost must be taken into account before going ahead with the purchase. Ina wet floor care must be taken that the tiles and enclosures are sealed correctly to prevent the entry of water. Tray can also be used for installing the walk in shower as it reduces the requirement of tiling.

Advantages of a glass shower screen:

There are several advantages provided by the glass shower screen, and these are explained as follows:

  1. They are the correct way of making a partition: You can utilize and maximize the use of the bathroom space, if you divide the space by installing a glass shower screen.
  2. They are easy to clean and maintain: You can just use plain soap and water or a mild cleaning liquid, if you want to clear any spot on the glass shower screen.
  3. Easily Installed: They are lightweight and can be installed easily.
  4. Sound-proof: They retain your privacy, and are sound-proof.

This blog written for reader to provide useful information about Glass Shower Screen.


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