Why You Should Use a Flat Water Hose

Water hoses are basically tubes that are hollow in nature. These tubes help in directing the flow of water from the source to the desired destination. A number of people consider garden hose as the common water hose type. Garden hose, although are popular and used highly for watering lawns as well as individual plants around the house, does not come under the category of water hose. There are certainly other models which are used in fire prevention along within certain manufacturing procedures.

Flat Water Hose

Flat Water Hose

A flat water hose is a hose which is literally flat. These types of hoses are easy to store as compared to other types. They are usually light in weight; hence, it is easy to carry them. The flat water hose inflates only when water goes through it. This hose is available in numerous sizes. They also have many uses. Some of them include gardening, washing the vehicle, patio cleaning, etc. Easy transportation and storage are the main advantages of a flat water hose.

More Advantages of a flat water hose:

A well-known advantage of this hose is its ease of sliding on the hard as well as the smooth ground. Unlike other types of hoses, there is no problem of its rolling around. Another thing to be noted about this hose is that as compared to other hoses, flat water hose retains less water. The reason for this is that it has the capability of self-draining. Since less water is retained by it, there is less possibility of freezing or cracking when they are stored for a long time. Despite all these advantages, the weight of a flat water house is less than one-third of that of a common garden hose. In addition to low weight, flat water hose stores the same water amount as a garden hose and round hose holds. 

Materials used for making a flat water hose:

The most common material used for making a flat water hose is vinyl. The same material is used for making garden hoses. The durability of a flat hose is more than a garden hose and is also small in size as compared to other types of hose. These can be found easily in hardware stores as well as online stores.

Flat Water Hose

Flat Water Hose

Another material commonly used for making flat water hose is polyurethane liner. It is covered with a polyester liner in exterior areas. These hoses are available at a more expensive rate as the liner is fixed tightly to the exterior regions. This results in having fewer kinks and proves to be beneficial as there is increased durability. 

Useful accessories for flat water hoses:

For making the storage of flat water hose easier, some of them come with reels. As a matter of fact, there are certain reels that are retractable. These can come in real handy for homeowners and are easily available at hardware stores.

These hoses also fare well with sprinkler heads. With the help of these sprinkler heads, these hoses can be placed and left alone on the lawn for watering the area slowly. There are certain flat water hoses which consist of three heads in which three sprinklers can be connected. This can cover a huge area of a garden.

A good hardware store will usually have these useful hose accessories. While buying a hose one should think about the length and thickness needed for their specific purpose. However, as with the hose, it is important to buy good quality accessories for durability. You could always find a store online that sells these utilities if you don’t have a neighborhood hardware store that stocks them.


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