How to Clean or Replace a Ducted Heating Filters?

Improving the quality of air indoors with ducted heating has turned to be a challenging task. This is why people are often in the lookout of the best solution that would decrease contaminants present in the air and even promote better circulation. There are many instances when the filters that are used for ducted heating get clogged by dirt, oil and soot, and then you need to go for professional cleaning, as you may not be able to clean these filters all by yourself. It is mandatory that you check the condition of the filters and then decide whether they require repairing or replacement.

Ducted Heating

Ducted Heating

Now, just like any other component of the ducted system, even the air filters tend to wither with time. Hence, in such a situation what steps should be taken? Should you clean the air filters and reuse them again or replace with a new one? The answer to these questions only lies here.

When to Get Your Air Duct Filters Cleaned?

There is a common myth that if you have filters installed in the air duct system then you will never have to worry about molds or impurities. However, that is not true! Despite of installing the highest standard of air filters, your ducts are still prone to accumulation of dirt, dust and moulds. Professional cleaning agencies send the experts who check the condition of your filter and then they start the cleaning process with the help of advanced equipment that do not harm the heating mechanism in any way.

The accumulation occurs because contamination level inside the duct keeps on increasing with time, though filters are able to reduce it to some extent but as times passes by their capacity decreases. So, as to endure the best performance from the filter it is important to clean them at least once a year, allowing them to work the way they should.

Hence, you know it’s the time to get the ducted heating system of your house cleaned when

  • Dirt or dust starts penetrating into the house along with warm air
  • Malfunction in fuel burning furnace
  • Presence of dirt on heating coils
  • Improper efficiency of heat exchangers or fans

If you have experienced any of the aforementioned symptoms, then it is crucial to contact a professional immediately to get your job done.

Ducted Heater Filters

Ducted Heater Filters

When to Get Your Air Duct Filters Replaced?

Replacing the air filter system of ducts is a complex process, and is expensive when compared to cleaning. But, under certain unavoidable circumstances it becomes vital to replace the old damaged air filter of the house.

These circumstances can be anything, such as

  • High level of contamination in the system that keeps on occurring frequently
  • Pores keep on clogging in short intervals
  • Inadequate efficiency affecting the quality of air indoors
  • Accumulation of airborne particles on the components of ducted heating

The presence of these four signs clearly indicates that your air filters should be replaced at once. As, if you do not replace them on time then this would hamper the performance of the heating system, resulting in high consumption of energy, where usage can increase up to 15 times more than the usual.

Once you have identified that the air filters of the heating system need to be changed then the next step that you should take is to find the best company that can replace the filters with perfection. For that you can contact your country’s Better Business Bureau or local affairs who can provide you a list of trustworthy professionals, and then you can select the appropriate one amongst them. Make sure you hire a certified, reputable, responsible, competent and proficient company so as to witness the high quality services that you had expected from them.

If you want to know more information than visit through this link and get more useful information about ducted heating system.


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