How to Control Your Garage Door by Using Remote Control?

With modern technology contributing to the locking and security systems, there are several options that you have while opening and closing your garage doors. The easiest naturally is the keyless access to the garage without the key with a combination password on the remote mounted on the outside wall. These systems have a wireless transmitter and a universal keypad that is compatible with most garage door openers. But of course, the most popular ranges of the garage door openers are those that have a remote receiver set installed with it and come in a different configuration.

Garage Door Remote Controls

Garage Door Remote Controls

The universal range of remote control systems that are used to regulate the opening and closing of garage doors:

There are different garage door remote control systems that you are likely to get several varieties that come from the leading manufacturers.

  • The universal garage remote control which is equipped with a password facility, is by far the most popular that is designed to work with most garage openers to give you a convenient and secure access to your garage.
  • You can enable the password security on the remote just like you do on your smart phone and prevent the possibility of a break-in even in case you lose it.
  • Some of the remotes are small and easy to carry in the keychain form and have one or more buttons that can be set in a combination of several digits’ length.

The keychain variant :

The keychain remote has become very popular of late as they are small and easy to carry reaching out great distances too. Some have the LED notification light signals for activation and push button programming. They mostly come with the batteries and keychain attached to it so that you can easily attach it to your car keys for easy carrying and have less fear of losing. Since they are tiny objects, you can easily insert them into your handbag or your pocket and not have the problem of carrying an extra remote.

Other current ranges :

Most of the wireless signal transmissions of the modern remotes are based on the rolling code technology that sends different codes during every operation. This naturally enhances the security system of your garage door. There are also some other popular remote controls.

  • There is the range of Garage door remote control that comes with the visor clip and keeps the remote firmly attached to the visor in your car.
  • You can conveniently drive and control the garage door with this remote without even having to wait for long. The operating range too is usually more than a hundred
  • These too are made so that they are compatible with most garage door openers. 
Garage Door Remote

Garage Door Remote

The conventional remotes versus the latest ones:

There are the remotes that come with the conventional remote sets that you can install them in the parallel with the original console on the wall. You can program multiple controls that will be received by the system and manage the operations. These do not need the additional AC adaptor. These too are compatible with most openers, and you can control them with the remote transmitters. The installation is easy as is the setup. You have to match the transmitter code with that of the receiver to function. You can also attach unlimited numbers of remotes and keypads to each receiver. Each time you press the remote buttons, the mechanical finger inside the garage system will push the door open.

Most of the modern remote controls are durable and not also very expensive. They also have low operating costs as they usually run on low cost alkaline batteries. These remotes can be purchased from different online stores also, where you can prepare your budget, and compare the prices of each remote before you make the final transactions.


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