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Adding A Classic Look with an Antique Desk

The trend of using antiques has never seen a drop. Throughout the history we see that there are different set of designs of antiques. People have always been interested in antique furniture despite of the high cost. One of the most sought after antic furniture is the antique desk. It can be easily used at your work place or at your home. The presence of an antique desk will give an exquisite feel to the visitors. Apart from its utility as furniture, you will also get a fair amount of appreciation on its value after few years, if it has been maintained in good condition. Therefore, it is also an investment of your hard earned money.

Antique Desk

Antique Desk

There are different types of desks available in the market. Depending upon the type of use and budget, you can choose the appropriate design:

  • The “secretary” antique desk is quite a popular desk for work place. This desk was hugely popular in its time. Its unique design includes a piece of wood hiding the workspace in this desk. Usually, this part is set at an angle of forty-five degrees when closed. The original antique desks are large and heavy compared to today’s replica. Present day desks are folding and can be dismantled when these are not in use. The secretary antique desks also come with small cubbies or drawers, to provide small storage space.
  • Another popular type is the “roll top”. It also contains a storage space which can be closed with a top. This top can roll upon itself (as the name suggests). To close the roll top desk, it is not compulsory to remove the items on top of it as compared to the secretary desk where you have to remove items from the top before closing it.

Before investing large amount in an antique item, it is important to ensure that you buy the original antique and not the replica. Presently it is quite easy to prepare almost exact replicas of antique items, which can look same as the originals to inexperienced minds! There are characteristic signs on antique desks to prove its genuineness. An expert can determine if a desk is truly antique.

Antique furniture made years ago was mainly used for manual purposes. In our times the desks have completely changed from the past, as computers and other accessories have made their place on the desks. You would like to customize the desk to accommodate computer, accessories and wiring. It is important to decide how you are going to use the item you are going to purchase. If you are planning to use desk, then you should take care to choose a very strong piece. Inspect with care to see if the drawers open and close with ease and the hinges are tightened well.

How to choose an antique desk

Antique Desk

Antique Desk

You need to keep few important points in mind regarding the types of writing furniture, age, woods, care of antique furniture, and also how to buy from antique dealer:

  • The type of Use: If you are in more of a manual writing business, then you would require some storage to accommodate extra stationary and papers. If you are using a computer desk top, then you need the space for the wiring.
  • Size of the desk: The desk should be easily accommodated in the room. It should be of appropriate height. Too short or too high desks will give you backaches! Apart from this, the number of persons using the desk will also determine its size.
  • Other Furniture and Decorations: It should match the other furniture present in the room, in terms of color and design.
  • Chairs: You can choose from an original antique collection (which will need higher budget) or from replicas. But antique chairs matching an antique desk give you a completely different look!