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Facts To Remember When Installing Bamboo Flooring


Prior to installing bamboo flooring in your home or commercial enterprise, there are some crucial factors that you must keep in mind. Remember that something as natural as bamboo has many benefits. So you can get economical and eco-friendly flooring for your home that is sustainable and durable too. But you must also consider some of the cons that you may face during the installation process. Being aware of these will save you the hassle of starting again from scratch. So here are some useful and sensible tips that would help you along the way.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

  • Consider your climate:

As a rule of thumb, it is suggested that you avoid bamboo flooring or installing the same in areas that are prone to humidity wet. The reason here is that the bamboo has a tendency to swell up with humidity and water. You would notice that bamboo in fact, is rather common in areas that are very cold or even on the mountain sides. Why? Because bamboo swells and in these areas the humidity levels are much lower. So there is no risk involved in installing this flooring. On the other hand, if you are living close to the beach and have a highly humid zone, then it is best to keep the bamboo flooring restricted to areas where you don’t mind the regular creaking. In some cases, bamboo tends to shrink too, especially with areas of low RH or low relative humidity. In case you are installing this flooring but live in an area that is prone to either high or low humidity you should buy well-acclimated bamboo.

  • Try and understand the Janka hardness scale:

Being a natural material, there are a few things unique about the bamboo and one of them is the Janka. Though the fibers in bamboo are strong, you would note that the lignis bonding tends to be on the weaker side. The process of testing this includes pressing a smooth or even any rounded ball into your flooring material. If the bamboo it would definitely resist the ball and turn back springily. But in comparison to other flooring form like oak, bamboo is not really resistant to wear and tear or even cuts. Hence bamboo flooring does have some cons that you should measure out prior to installation. It is best to install bamboos in areas that are less prone to such damage so it obviously excludes the kitchen and garage area.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

  • Check LEED prior to installation:

LEED or the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification system. Like other forms of wood, bamboo too is available under different categories and types. Hence it can be safely said that bamboo flooring that come under the renewable materials category would be suitable. This is not the same as engineered bamboo, because the latter contains wood. Also opt for the bamboo type that doesn’t have urea-formaldehyde. Remember that when it comes to the gluing process of bamboo with this chemical would tend to have problems, especially releasing weird gases. You should pick a type of bamboo that is suitable in this reference.

Also, do remember that based on all of the contraction and expansion issues that one faces with the different kinds of bamboo flooring, it is best to leave this task to the expert. Based on the climate you live in, humidity levels, the kind of moisture content around the house and an array of other factors, they would be able to guide you on the entire installation process, thus minimizing risks of creakiness and other swelling problems that happen with bamboo.

Things to Consider While Choosing French Provincial Dining Table

French provincial furniture belongs to the French cultural areas of Blois and Orleans in the Loire valley. These are not part of France but very much in the areas of its cultural ambit. These centers produce some of the best design innovations that owe their origin to the luxurious trades of Paris. French provincial dining tables belong to the same era and genre of craftsmanship and style. These tables would have mostly cabriole legs and carving in the simple scalloped form. These tables come in different forms and varied finishes, the colors are made to stand out through polish or grime. There is a great deal of emphasis on the carving no matter what kind of furniture it is.

French Provincial Dining Table

French Provincial Dining Table

The Making of French Provincial Dining Table

The French provincial dining tables are hand designed and crafted by the local artisans who they bring out same uniqueness and the royalty of the by gone era. One can easily find some classic designs in French furniture. You can get a French provincial dining table with a sturdy provincial oak top or a table designed from rustic recycled timber. You can opt for painted and carved legs and the timber base or any other provincial design that you like. The designs on these tables range from simple to delicate and detailed. Every bit of design of French provincial dining table is a wooden marvel that glorifies artistic splendor. These tables range from simple designs with sturdy and straight lines to delicately carved tables, which are custom built as per the need and desire of the client. This makes them apt to adjust to the surroundings, which they are going to be spaces in. The solid wood that these tables are made from gives them a rich, superior look but at the same time makes them a bit heavy as well.

Availability of French Provincial Dining Tables

The French provincial dining tables are part of specialised furniture and are available only at select stores or dealerships. These stores usually carry limited number of designs that are ready for purchase but if needed can be custom made according to the liking of the customer. These tables are usually meant for large sized settings though smaller sizes are also available. These kind of tables are usually hand crafted by the local artisans and the number of such stores employing local artisans who are excelling in the handmade tables and designs are also available. This is why such stores are not that easy to find. The growing demand of French provincial dining tables and other provincial furniture has led to many online stores where one can easily choose from a range of existing designs or request a custom-made table or piece of furniture to be delivered right at your door step. It is no longer uncommon to get these French provincial dining tables even at auction sites. Since these are high range furniture and are quite expensive sometimes auction sites can get you a good bargain on your desired choice of French furniture.

French Provincial Dining Table

French Provincial Dining Table

Cost of French Provincial Dining Tables

The French provincial dining tables are desired for their rich look and the aesthetics that they add to their surrounding and hence they are usually on the expensive side. Most of these tables are hand crafted and manually designed which itself is a dying art that makes the pricing of these tables on the expensive side. The most simplistic designs can be close to a thousand dollars and the more delicate, luxurious and massive the table is, the more expensive will be its cost.

Keeping the Home Warm with Freestanding Fireplace

Freestanding fireplaces are used for heating the homes during cold months. They work on the concept of radiating heat energy through their metal bodies by burning wooden or other inflammable material and offer a safe passage of smoke through a vertical vent that protruded through an opening or a hole in the roof. In some spaces, these freestanding fireplaces are also known as chimneys.

Freestanding Fireplace

Freestanding Fireplace

History of Freestanding Fireplaces

If you look at the history of freestanding fireplaces, you would find that they were majorly made from fired clay and they were not only used for heating houses but also for cooking. It is estimated that the first fireplaces of these sort were used around four hundred years ago and has its origin to Spanish traditional designs.

How it works

Traditionally these freestanding fireplaces were used for indoor purposes in keeping the houses warm but of late they have been used in outdoors as well. They serve a similar purpose in the outdoor backyards and are finding a good market there. They are good entertainment source in the outdoor settings. These freestanding fireplaces are designed in such a manner that while burning, a draught action is created that forces the fresh air into the burning fire and pushes the smoke upward through the long vertical vent thus keeping the surroundings and the people around the fireplace safe. This particular design also helps the fire to get hotter and much cleaner by leaving minimum amount of ash as residue. As a result, these freestanding fireplaces are much easier to clean also. One of the biggest benefits of the draughting action is that it burns out the fire totally in a brief period of time, as result they can be used efficiently even on wooden decks.

Freestanding Fireplace

Freestanding Fireplace

Types of Freestanding Fireplaces

It is quite natural to expect that most fireplaces work on wooden logs. But these fireplaces can be effectively converted to use propane and natural gas as fuel for the fire. Most modern day freestanding fireplaces are either made up of cast iron or cast aluminium. It is hard to distinguish the two from each other as they look almost the same. They come in same thickness and are usually cast from the same mould, the reason that these two look indistinguishable from each other. The cast-aluminium freestanding fireplaces are preferred over the cast-iron ones since they are lighter, rust proof, easy to maintain and easy to move. And most of the aluminium fireplaces heat the surroundings just in the same as the cast-iron ones.

The most commonly used freestanding fireplaces based on their fuel type are:

  • Charcoal based Freestanding Fireplace – Charcoal is easily available and is most often the preferred fuel for cast-iron based freestanding fireplaces. The charcoal burns at very high temperature and cast-iron fireplaces can easily handle high temperatures so they are very safe to be operated with charcoal fuel. If someone is planning to use the fireplace for cooking apart from using it as a heater than this is the ideal fuel as it does not add its own smell or flavour to the food.
Freestanding Fireplace

Freestanding Fireplace

  • Wood based Freestanding Fireplace – Wood is perhaps the most abundantly available fuel for the fireplaces and undoubtedly is the most preferred fuel of choice for freestanding fireplaces. Care should be taken to use only dry wood as other woods like the wet or the green wood burn with a lot of smoke. There are hollow blocks of timber, which are mostly refined and are also available in abundance. They are a good substitute for the heavy solid wooden blocks used for burning.  
  • Ethanol based Freestanding Fireplaces – Ethanol is another fuel, which is an alternative to wooden and charcoal fuel. It is highly inflammable in nature and care should be exercised while using it for fuelling freestanding fireplaces. There are specialized lighters with long nose available, which are mostly used for lighting up the ethanol-based fireplaces. This kind of fuel is great for indoor use as it burns with emitting any smoke.

Freestanding fireplaces are excellent options as anyone can easily obtaining one. If you are looking for something dramatic and unique, then don’t waste your time, just go through here and get beneficial info about freestanding fireplaces.

Features and Multiple Applications of the Drinking Water Hose

One of the major problems with regard to drinking water that is being faced over the past few decades is the increasing toxicity of drinking water. Toxic minerals being added to water, the increase in salinity all contribute to this kind of contamination. Drinking water hose is thus being used for carrying water from storage sectors to various parts of domestic setups. There are many villages in the world, where people have to go miles for getting water drained out from under the earth, but with the drinking water hose, the task of availing potable water for drinking and for culinary purposes and even for small factory works, is fulfilled.

Drinking Water Hose

Drinking Water Hose

Drinking water hose has a good length, and it is durable and risk-free:

  • A drinking water hose of good quality has a considerable length. The fundamental purpose of using drinking water hoses is to transfer water from one place to another of a house. Keeping this basic thing in mind, it is imperative that the length of the hoses should be considerably higher. Certain hoses can measure up to 50 feet. These are the ones than can very effectively distribute water in different parts of a house and can carry from one area to another quite distant from the earlier.
  • In order to have an idea about drinking water hoses, it is important to know about the materials that these hoses are made up of. Plastic and varieties of polyurethane do not contaminate the water that is drawn out for drinking, and in this connection, the distribution water also becomes easier with the strength of the pipes. For distributing water in houses, offices and also industrial sectors, hoses made of polyurethane and plastic are mainly used. The valves of these hose are so strong that they can easily combat corrosion and weathering.

Drinking water hose is free from impurities and it can withstand much pressure:

A unique feature of drinking water hoses is that it is absolutely free of impurities.

  • Since such a hose distributes drinking water, it also ensures that the water that is being transported is completely free from any impurity. This a hose for carrying drinking water is very pure and completely harmless.
  • Thickness of a drinking water hose is different from that of a normal hose. The former is thicker since it is heavy duty stuff and thus has to be stronger. Such a hose has to stand strong in the face of any external pressure that is exerted upon it by water flow.
Drinking Water Hose

Drinking Water Hose

Drinking water hoses have several advantages:

  1. As mentioned before, these hoses are free from all impurities. Thus, these guarantee complete cleanliness. Such hoses match the standards and specifications related to cleanliness and purity and are absolutely harmless for health. Such a hose would provide with no Phthalate and BPA and zero percent lead as well.
  2. True that a drinking water hose is made sturdy because of handling water pressure. But it is very light weight; thus handling this kind of hose while the water is getting transferred from one place to another is very easy.
  3. Another benefit of this type of hose is its durability. It has a strong strain relief.

Tips for choosing the best quality drinking water hose are:

  • It is wise to look for the material which the hose is made of. It would determine the long term performance and effectiveness of the particular hose.
  • In order to have a hose that has a long life, it is wise to look for the UV stabilized ones.

Before making the final decision to purchase, it is advisable to compare the different drinking water hoses that are available.

Take care of your home heaters with Professional Gas Heater Service

A gas heater is used for warming the room area or the outdoor area with the help of propane, natural gas, butane or liquefied petroleum gas. In addition, it can be classified as vented, unvented and flued or non-flued. The flued gas heaters are the vented ones whereas the non-flued gas heaters are the unvented or vent free heaters. In order to ensure that the gas heater is working safely and securely, it is essential to contact the gas heater service. There are many gas heater service companies in Melbourne, and since this place is also marked by a steady winter, it is important to call the gas heater service in case of any indication of trouble or if the gas heater breaks down all of a sudden, during the winter season.

Signs that indicate that the gas heater is faulty:

  1. A faulty gas heater can emit the poisonous carbon monoxide which can result in serious health issues such as:
  • Shortness of breath
  • Lightheadedness
  • Vertigo
  • Chest pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Unconsciousness

High amount of carbon monoxide can even cause death. Therefore, one needs to be extra careful if the gas heater is emitting the poisonous carbon monoxide. In such scenario, one should open the window and doors and leave the room.

Gas Heater

Gas Heater

  1. The gas heater service should be contacted if there is a yellow flame instead of a blue flame.
  2. Sometimes, the pilot light gets switched off without any intimation, and then it is important to contact reputed gas heater service provider.
  3. The gas heater service can also be contacted if there are signs of stain on the walls or heater panels.
  4. If the gas heater suddenly becomes hot and pigments develop all around it, then it must be opened and checked thoroughly, to avoid any mishap.
  5. The gas heater service should be contacted if there is sudden increase in the energy bills, or while using the heater, if a poisonous smell comes out.
  6. The gas heater service should be contacted if the rooms are not getting equal distribution of heat.

In addition, to all these points, the gas heating service professionals should check after every two or three months whether the gas heater is old and if the room lacks humidity and feels suffocating.

Services that the gas heater servicing company delivers:

Listed below are the services that are usually provided by the gas heater servicing company:

  • Repairing the gas furnace and the heater
  • Checking the heat pumps, boilers and gas indicators, to avoid any sudden break-down and emergency like fire or gas hazards.
  • Repairing and replacing the entire gas heater if required
  • Baseboard heating
  • Checking the status of the battery in the thermostat
  • Checking the status of the air filters
  • Checking the circuit breaker and the power cord cable
  • Checking the valve to find out if there are any leaks

in case of any difficulty, one should contact the gas heater servicing company immediately without any hesitation as a gas heater may pose a great risk or danger if it is not maintained properly irrespective of its age and price.

As it is rightly said that ‘Prevention is better than cure, therefore, it is essential to know the signs that signifies that the gas heater is faulty or it needs an immediate replacement or servicing.

Thus, with the help of the above given guidelines, one would get an idea as to when to contact the gas heater service in order to increase the product’s durability, strength and longevity and to keep away health hazards.