Things to Remember While You Need a Heating and Cooling Repair

Air conditioning is the process of modifying the properties or temperature of the air, be it in your vehicle, your house or office. When your air conditioner is new; you need not worry about this. The manufacturer usually provides one or two free services. The challenge starts once the free service is over. Your air conditioner system could be one of the utmost expensive purchases you have made for your house, so it is important that it is serviced regularly to confirm it runs effectively and efficiently for the lifetime of the system. But keeping a tab and getting the service is a challenge. It’s a challenge because: –

Air conditioner Repair

Air conditioner Repair

  • you need to remember to service your air conditioner
  • You need to ask your friends and family who they HVAC mechanic is and find out if he is available.
  • If not, you need to check the yellow pages and online services
  • Book an appointment and be available for the service that day.

Why would you need a repair or service?

You may need air conditioning repair services if: –

  • Your Air conditioner has become noisy. After a long day’s work, you will need some peace of mind and good sleep. A noise Air conditioner is a no-no.
  • The filter is too dirty and you are falling sick regularly. You can’t risk with your health – even more dangerous if kids fall sick.
  • There is leak around the outside unit. The refrigerant may be leaking and it’s hazardous.
  • The air coming into the house isn’t conditioned. What’s the point of Air conditioner?
  • The unit is constantly turning on and off. How annoying!
  • You are receiving higher-than-normal energy bills. This is not done! Invest on Air conditioner and pay exorbitant bills too.

One can imagine your plight if you are facing these problems with your Air conditioner.  If you would like somebody to take care of the maintenance service without you having to worry about it, there are service departments HVACR technicians selling service contracts to their clients, providing periodic maintenance of heating and cooling systems. This includes inspecting the system, checking refrigerant levels, cleaning ducts, replacing filters etc.

Heating and Cooling Repair

Heating and Cooling Repair

Activities followed for heating repairs

  • Remove and clean fan and clean burner assembly
  • Check over the heat exchanger for cracks and the gas pressure
  • Check burner and pilot ignition
  • Compulsory carbon monoxide test
  • Test airflows & Overall component testing
  • Preventative component replacement if required.

Evaporative Cooling

  • Clean out the water reservoir/tank and water distribution pipes
  • Check the V belt and tension if required
  • Test fan process, water levels and Overall component testing 

Make sure your technician is following government regulations regarding the conservation, recovery, and reutilizing of refrigerants. The regulations include those regarding the proper handling and disposal of fluids and pressurized gases. 

Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative Cooler

Be responsible:

THE HVAC technicians do take care of this, but it’s wise to know about the refrigerants. Refrigerants used in Air Conditioning units are chemical based and must not be released carelessly into the atmosphere. An expert HVAC service technician will know the details and it’s wise to hire them to be safe and to keep our environment safe.

Now you have a basic idea of why you need a repair or a maintenance service. If you do not have an expert technician to help you with, you will need assistance to find one. What’s better than Google listing. You will find a technician in your locality or even an Air Conditioning service department for a full fledged service. Be sure to check reviews online and even ask for references to be doubly sure. Stay safe. Stay healthy!


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