How to Use the DIY Tricks and Perimeter to Install Suspended Ceilings?

Mostly defined as secondary ceiling, Suspended ceilings mainly hung below main ceiling. This can further be termed as T-Bar ceiling, drop ceiling, grid or false ceiling. It is primarily termed as a staple form of modern construction and this ceiling is now a dominant part of building architecture in both commercial and residential areas. When you decide to install these ceilings, it is always advisable to hire the experts, but you can also try out the DIY tricks, if you have measured the area and the perimeter of the roof and the corner of the walls. Apart from this, while you intend to install these ceilings, you must consider environmental factors, aesthetics, integration with building infrastructure and acoustic services. On the other hand, you have to mention cost of the construction too, along with long term operational cost.

Suspended Ceilings Installation

Suspended Ceilings Installation

Ways to install ceiling with DIY tricks: 

Well, people might not be acquainted with this point, but installing ceiling using some DIY tricks is simple and less time consuming. All you need is some simple types of household tools like metal grid, which supports lightweight panels. Well, mainly designed with metal grids for supporting lightweight panels, a suspended ceiling is within the major capabilities of most of the homeowners.

  • In case, you are thinking about the institutional look, there are some drop-in panels available with ceiling panels. These are likely to become more attractive than recent years. There are the corner materials, the border panels and the patterns to be considered before you start with the designing part of the Suspended ceilings.
  • The Suspended ceilings are not for all, but they and make sense while sing in basements. It can be best suited for the first floor rooms too, which have bathrooms overhead.

Choosing the best system: 

The installation steps of Suspended ceilings are likely to vary from one manufacturing sector too next, but do not have any significant value. Most of the time, reputed experts are going to choose Armstrong Tegular ceiling.

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

  • The Tegular ceiling panels have recessed flange and they are quite attractive, but they require careful trimming, whenever you are in need of smaller panel.
  • After you have chosen package, you need to work on the grid layout. Home centers and some retailers are likely to work up parts list.
  • Furthermore, you must have general sense of ways, in which components are likely to work together before starting the work. Some of the typical systems comprise of L-shaped bracket or molding, used for supporting the suspended ceiling.

Dealing with the perimeter: 

Let’s talk a little bit more about perimeter, while working on T-Bar ceiling. There are so many important points, for you to jot down:

  • For the prime step, you have to determine maximum height of Suspended ceilings. In case, you do not want to plan to install drop-in fluorescent fixture, measure down the 4 inches from current ceiling joists and even marking the wall.
  • This 4 inches’ space is enough to angle tiles into current place. In case, you are planning to install drop-in fixture, you can place 6 inches’ mark from the current joists. Here, you need to draw a specified line, just around 3 sides of room, at 4 feet level.
  • You can measure down the joists at various locations around room for ensuring that you have enough space, just above grid panel, across ceiling.

Once you are through with the steps, it will not be difficult for you to install Suspended ceilings. All you need is some expert guidance to back you up. Make sure to re-check after you have installed T-bar ceiling.


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