Things to Follow When You Plan for Antique Furniture Restoration

Furniture is what makes our homes habitable, and when the furniture is elegant and beautiful to look at, it turns our house into a perfect home. However, you don’t always have to spend a lot on furniture to make your home prefect; you can achieve the same by results antique furniture restoration techniques. All that you need to do is to find out that one missing thing you want to add to your home décor, and then buy the matching old piece of furniture or go find in your antic or basement, doesn’t matter where you get it, you be sure to get it cheap, if not free.

Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration

Assessing the furniture:

Then you need to do a thorough check in order to ensure that the frame and structure are solid and there is nothing broken. You need to check for cracks and joints, even if they are shaky, but have the right shape and no breaks, they will work fine once restored properly. Check under the wood for damage not visible at the first glance. Now that you have your old piece of furniture, you need to assess the restoration needs, if only the paint needs to be replaced or you have to take it apart piece by piece, and then put them back together to restore its former glory, because that’s what antique furniture restoration means. It can range from light to thorough cleaning or a small touch up of paint to replacing broken doors and glass component with equivalents available in the market. It is also advised that you find all the information on your furniture piece, before starting furniture restorations. There are times when you might come across that rare antique and realize that the value for this is much more with the original finishing’s regardless of its state.

Time you need to spend:

One of the most important aspects of restoring an old piece of furniture is the amount of time that you are ready to commit to the project. On many occasions even a simple and easy looking restoration task may turn into a time guzzler. Even Though, your restoration skills are a necessary factor, but you need to remember that you are working on antique furniture restoration project and you will have to be slow and careful while handling the item, so as long as you have some skills and no speed, you will be fine. Things like deep carving and redoing slats and spindles take a lot of time and effort, not to mention the rust that you are guaranteed to find in the metal parts.

Look at the finished products:

Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration

Another important tip you need to remember is to find some old photos or images of a similar finished product. It can work as your guide and a motivator, for when you are feeling low because of the slow progress. You should also take photographs of your furniture and look for the experts who can give you tips or share their experience with similar projects; this will give you confidence and a helping hand with things that are outside the purview of your restoration skills. Taking photographs of each stage is also important, as it will help you while putting it all back together.

Consider the value of your furniture:

You need to determine the value of your furniture or the estimated value of the restored item, and then you need to calculate the amount you will have to spend on restoration along with the value of your time, if you come up with a price that is higher than what you were planning to spend, then you will have to reassess the importance of the project. You might just want to finish it, for the challenge or the sentimental value attacked to it. Or you might what to scrape it, and move to something else.

Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration

You need to do all these checks and balances before you start on your antiques furniture restoration project.


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