Functionality and Usage of Evaporative Cooling System

Evaporative cooler is also known as wet cooler or desert cooler, and is an electro mechanical device that cools the air or space of a room using the water evaporation technique. This type of device is functionally different from a regular air conditioning system, since the later one uses vapor and compression technique to cool the surrounding air.

Working Principle:

Evaporative cooler comprises of a centrally located cooling unit that are directly connected to the required outlets of your home or surroundings. This method is for central cooling system, for a single room cooling, a single outlet is present in your room, while the cooling unit located outside of your house draws in fresh air. A moisture pad is present in the cooling unit, which moistens the fresh air and in this way it does cools it. This cold moist air is then pushed into your rooms using the outlets, and so the surrounding temperature decreases. 

This is the basic working principle of an evaporative cooler; some other brand or model of coolers may vary in their working principle a slight bit, but the underline facts remain the same. To maintain the proper functionality of evaporative cooler, the cold water is generally supplied to the moisture pad or the cooling unit, in some machines.

Usage evaporative cooling system

Evaporative Cooling System

Evaporative Cooling System

Generally, evaporative cooling system is used where the climate is dry countries. Since these device uses water as a medium to cool the air, the air is moistened. These types of cooling unit are not a very good option to use in places where the humidity is high, because the water is directly pushed into to surroundings, increasing the water content of the room to increase further and this might result in health degradation. This is especially harmful for young infants who might catch cold due to the large amount of water content in the air.

Advantages of Evaporative cooling system

Evaporative cooling systems are very useful when compared to their predecessors, in many ways. Some of which are:

  • They are cheap compared to vapor and compressor technology air conditioning systems,
  • They are also cheaper to install,
  • Very healthy and natural way to cool your home even in the surrounding where the air is dry
  • Another advantage of this technique is that the air inside your room and surroundings are not re circulated, and so there is always the advantage of getting fresh air circulating in the room
  • Since this technology uses the method to push air out of the room, and sends in cool and moist air inside, there is no need for closed indoors for this machinery to work. There is a certain limit to which the machine can cool the air, and if it exceeds then the cooling is not effective.
  • It consumes less electricity and is thus greenhouse friendly device too that you install in your house.
  • Since the device is generally used in dry weathers, this device will increase the amount of water content in the air. So this device will also help in reducing dry skin and irritation in throats and eyes which is a common problem in most of the hot countries.

Taking all these things into considerations, this article prefers a user to use them for air conditioning, which is not only environment friendly but also pocket friendly. So before you get this installed in your home or office it is best to carefully carry out all the research and then get the best one that is suited for your personal requirements.


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