How to Improve the Look of Your Bedroom with Antique Beds?

Antique furniture is an exclusive furniture piece of a substantial age. Time and again its age, condition, rarity, utility, and other distinctive features makes it highly anticipated and hence it is termed as an “antique”.

  • Antique furniture comes in a variety of types and for variety of needs, markets have some very exclusive pieces of antique beds, sofas, drawers etc.
  • Furniture is largely an artifact of arty design and is deliberated as a form of decorative art. Furniture is generally made from different materials, like plastic, metal, and wood. Wealthy proprietors especially the royal families necessitated that their fixtures reflected their eminence and
Antique Style Bed

Antique Style Bed

Be sure that your Antique bed is actually an antique

First place to check for antique furniture could be your basement, attic, garage, or store where old furniture has been collected. You might find a factual antique or two passed down through the family for generations. You can also look out for household auctions, second hand stores, and some exhibitions also sell off some exclusive antique furniture. It is important to check the designs, texture and quality of the polish before you make a final deal on the antique furniture.

  • Antique stores are a good place to see for classy looking antique furniture. Be sure to be well informed and well researched before buying antique furniture.
  • Real antiques are exceptionally valuable, but many imitations are also present in the markets. If you don’t have much knowledge on real antiques, go for an expert opinion.

Antique furniture holds an extraordinary value because of its age and their fine artistry. Usually antique stores brand objects more than 50 years old as antiques. More exclusive antique pieces are more than 150 years old.

How to recognize antique furniture?

There are many ways to recognize an antique. Machine made furniture were not made before 1860. Handmade furniture always specifies a member prepared before 1860.

Lesser “matching” features, like wooden chair spindles, drawer knobs, or feet may slightly vary in the shape and size if they were made prior to 1860. This was because these equipment’s were handcrafted and not machine made to have a perfect match.

  • Also Cuts and nicks were usually present in handmade furniture where hand chisels and other tools were dominantly used to shape wood.
  • If you find a screw with completely pointed ends, rounded shafts, and flawlessly finished heads with matching cuts, antique is believed to be belonging to mid-19th century or later.
  • Screws that were made in early 1800’s were partly machine made. The screws made earlier to this period had blunt tips and each one was unique.

Choose the quality finishing of the wood to know more about the antique styled furniture:

Antique Bed

Antique Bed

The finish of the wood can also help you find the age of your antique bed. Till Victorian times, shellac was the only material used for surface finish. And if the antique is still older it may have wax, oil, or milk paint. Distinguished old pieces were often French-polished.

Determining the wood is a final clue. Early age furniture – usually before 1700 – were mostly made in oak, after 1700, walnut and mahogany were widely used. In many countries of the world, pine was a common choice, better furniture was made from oak, maple, cherry, walnut, or mahogany. Since the same kind of woods has always been used for making furniture, workmanship and texture is a better gauge of age of the antique.

There are many reputed online furniture stores from where you can pick the antique beds, and in most cases, you need to compare the features and prices of antique and traditional furniture from different furniture portals online.


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