How Double Sided Fireplace can give New Look to Your House

A fireplace structure is made of brick, metal, and stone that is specially designed to contain the fire. Fireplaces are used for a relaxed ambiance that is created by heat especially in cold weather and this function fulfills heating the room. The fireplace has been in use since ages, as they were used for heating to dwell, heating water for laundry, cooking, and other domestic use. A fire is usually contained in a container like a firebox, chimney or other flue that allows exhausts to escape. Fireplaces usually have a foundation that can be a firebox, chimney crane etc. These fireplaces are the ideal ones to be kept in those living rooms and dining rooms where you have proper partitions and these fireplaces can enhance the entire look of your interior.

Fireplace kellyville ridge

Fireplace kellyville ridge

Double sided fireplace provides the advantage of being utilized by two rooms as the fireplace is partitioned and provides the luxury of heating up in two rooms.

Let us look into various double sided fireplaces ideas to get you ideas for renovations and styling:-

  • Simple– This simple styling that sets an example for modern as well as traditional outlook. The simple double sided fireplace can be fitted nicely into a large living room that can be split in half. One end becomes a formal sitting area while the other, a cozy area for the family to relax.
  • Traditional– To present your living room in a more traditional way, you can incorporate double sided mantel fireplace into a family home. There are different traditional patterns and styles that you can incorporate as part of your home decoration purpose.
  • Glass– To give a contemporary touch to your double sided fireplace, you can create its surrounding area with mostly glass. It will give an artistic touch and can have the capability to blend into various home themes.
  • Contemporary– A contemporary set- up that is in vogue designed exclusively to match up with the contemporary designs mostly separates dining room and living room area with ease, and adds delight by making the scene interesting yet stylish.
  • Function– Double sided fireplace can be a centerpiece to a modern bedroom making it convenient for both the bedroom as well as a bathroom to enjoy its hearth.
Fireplace kellyville ridge

Fireplace kellyville ridge

With the double sided fireplace, you can have multiple conveniences to keep your rooms warm:

Double sided fireplace installed will bring you best of many worlds: Provides you with the convenience of excellent heating in two rooms, and this can fit beautifully into your home with style and décor. And nowadays it is not something surprising to see dual side fireplaces becoming a common scene on most households, as these are easy to buy and maintain round the year.

  • On the contrary these good looking fireplaces are both good looking as well as economical; however, the venting concerns countered are same as with any kind of heating appliance. Gas models are easier to vent as compared to those that burn wood.
  • Wood burning fireplace requires a standard chimney to be built above the installation site. However, you need a professional double sided fireplace installer to get the best customized designs as per the aesthetics of your room, and also according to the budget plan that you have.
Fireplace kellyville ridge

Fireplace kellyville ridge

Gas double sided fireplace have the privilege of being placed in a variety of areas within the home. And these units are available in both vented and non-vented styles. In the contemporary scenario gas and double- sided fireplace are not only efficient but also they are the beautiful unit to be looked at and are available in many latest designs that can please you and make your surroundings much pleasant.


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