Why Would You Choose the Split System Air Conditioning?

There are various types of air conditioning systems available in the market such as split air conditioner, window air conditioner and ducted air conditioner. It is very difficult to choose the best air conditioner for your home. It is suggested to go for the split system air conditioning system because it can provide you with the ultimate cooling experience, and you do not need to spend any additional maintenance charges on this system.  As it is one-time investment item used for long time, be choosy to select a best air conditioner for your home or workplace. These are some key factors which will help you to choose between window and split type.

How do you choose the split air condition system?

Split system air conditioner

Split system air conditioner

  • Whatever may be the type you want to choose, it is fact that both window and split air conditioner works equal in efficiency. It depends on personal requirements listed out.
  • Consider EER factor before choosing an air conditioner. EER is nothing but energy efficiency ratio which means amount of cooling calculated by per watt electricity consumed by air conditioner. Based on this factor rating is given for air conditioners. If rating is high, then they are best to choose.
  • Split air conditioners are highly preferred over window air conditioners due to their vast availability in different models.

Split system air conditioner makes less noise and provide noise insulation to your rooms:

Another factor which supports split air conditioning system is noise. It is less in split system compared to window type air conditioning system.

Factors to consider before choosing split air conditioning system

These are some key factors which will help you to choose perfect air conditioning system for your home or workplace.

  • First thing to be considered is size of the room. It determines the amount air that should be cooled.
  • Number of people present in the room. If more number of members present, then more cooling is required as every member exhilarates certain amount of heat and it should be cooled by air conditioner.
  • Amount of stuff present in the room which includes furniture and other non heat emitting things. If stuff is more, more amount of electricity is consumed by air conditioning system as it cools the stuff as well. But when you install the split air conditioner, it can control the cooling temperature automatically by the inbuilt censor system. So you can save your electricity consumption by installing this system in your rooms.
  • Consider location of the room. If location of the room is not in the middle or I mean if it is in the corner of the house where there are chances of more sunlight coming into the room. Because in such rooms, there will be more chance of heat emission from walls and other stuff and it requires more amount of cooling capacity.
  • Every air conditioning system will have a cooling capacity which is measured in BTU per hour. If the room has more heat emission, then it is necessary to choose an air conditioning system which has high BTU per hour cooling capacity. So consider this factor before going to buy a window or split type air conditioning system

As there are many companies offering air conditioning systems, it is up to you to choose the right one for your home or workplace. All the above-listed factors will help you to choose suitable air conditioning system for your home or workplace.


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