Why to Hire a Professional Drain Service for Blocked Drain Cleaning?

Because there are different types for drains in a house varying from bathtubs, kitchen sinks, to bathroom and toilets, it is essential to maintain the cleanliness and proper hygiene down the drains. Due to everyday use, those drainage pipes do not always remain intact and clean and result into blocked drain. Ignoring the problems with your house drains will only add more serious troubles related to health and well-being. Preventive actions are a better option than hiring an expensive plumbing services in your town. This why it keeping right hardware tools always come handy when unexpected drainage leakage turns into nightmarish deluge all over your floor.

However, this is not to say that you should never think of hiring a professional plumbing export when the drain disaster escalates to the point of extremity. Professionals know it better as they have years of experience in treating drain problems and sink clogging. Let’s learn the common causes of blocked drain and possible solutions:

Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain

The causes that create the trouble down there

As you go about the business of living a life inside your house, you often mess up things. You eat and leave behind food pieces that ultimately accumulates and putrefies down the sink. The gradual buildup of grease and food particles give rise to severe blockages and intolerable stink. Bathroom is the place that deals with water most part of the day and the common culprit there is a mildew stuck inside the pipe. It slowly collects hair and weird dirt blocking the natural flow of water. Before the problem gets worse, a plumbing action needs to be taken. Once ignored, the mess can spawn grave health issues.

Pre-emptive actions for clogged drains

Obviously, preventing the blocked drain from occurring is the best solution in the first place. This is why regular cleaning is highly recommended. Regular cleaning can do the trick. Here are a few things to do as pre-emptive actions to stop clogged drain:

  • In case you have renovation going in your house, make sure all pipes are covered properly to stop debris plunging on the pipes
  • Prefer to place strainers or waste traps on the mouth of drain to discourage collection of hair, food and other dirt inside the drain
  • Don’t let your hair fall into the sink; keep the sink free from your hair and make a habit to dump it into bins
  • Don’t flush used junks like baby items down a drain
  • To keep the dirt at bay, use sink strainers in the kitchen sink
  • Don’t wash oils, food scraps and fats down the drain
  • Keep your children away from drain pipes to avoid any mishap

The benefits of Professional plumbing services

Despite the fact that self-help can be done in some common drain blockage problems, but discussing the issue with a professional drain service provider will always keep you ahead of unexpected occurrences of water inundation and its severe consequences.

Service quality
The work of a professional plumber is incomparable since they are the ones into this business for years. They can examine and assess the whole problem with insightful observation to find out the solution that fits best to the issue. They can pluck out the hard materials stuck in there forming the blocked drain. Using high tech tools, they can purge the remnants and culprits.

Skills and equipment
If you hire professionals, they will make sure they use high quality chemicals and most appropriate equipment to eliminate the clogging. The chemicals can cause harm if not handled by professionals. They can use CCTV for panoramic look deep inside the sewer and ultimately clean it.

Affordable services
Repeated failures in cleaning the blocked drain yourself will cost you a fortune. In a way, the amount of money you spend using no professional expertise will be more than what you would pay hiring a professional plumber. Certain companies offer affordable drain blockage removal services with quality never compromised.

Retention of toxin free environment
The messy water inside the sewer contains deleterious toxins that induce unthinkable diseases. Plumber who have been giving professional drain cleaning services for years know about ways to keep unfavorable effects of toxins at bay.


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