Things to Keep in Mind for Construction of Commercial Staircases

Safety tips must be kept in mind while constructing commercial staircase as these stairs are subject to maximum wear and tear. Ideally, a staircase not only adds to the charm and elegance of home but also makes it one of the easiest ways of access. In a bid to construct smart commercial staircases that stand out in the crowd, it is necessary to pay attention to the construction of the layout. Traveling from one floor to another through stairs is an unending activity and it important that the developer is aware of the principles of general construction of stairs. For instance, the height of treading is important as it must provide comfort to all those people that use the stairs. For staircases that have long flights with little opportunity to pause during the ascent, stairs must have other features that help in enhancing the level of comfort.

Commercial Staircases

Commercial Staircases

Construction of commercial staircase:

In stairs that carry out mass transit at different times within a day, it is more important to pay attention to the maintenance of staircase along with the construction. For instance, in offices and hospitals, stairs are subject to constant use at different hours of the day and construction must follow regulations. Have a glimpse of the following to understand building commercial staircases better:

  • When it comes to commercial staircases, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it remains well-lit. For commercial buildings with air-conditioning spaces, it is hard to get natural lights and artificial lights are commonly used in these places.
  • Construction of these staircases must be carried out in a manner which restricts an assembly of crowd in the staircase. Stairs in these buildings must never be made from material which makes the area slippery. Maintenance of staircase must be carried out during odd hours when less people use it particularly in commercial buildings.
  • Using decorative objects and designs in commercial staircases is common. However, it is necessary to ensure that such decorations do not come in the way of normal movement through the stairs.
  • Regular inspection of commercial staircase is necessary to find out whether defects or cracks have developed in any place. In subways or other commercial places that must withstand high volume of movement, regular replacement and repair work is required.

Things to remember:

Commercial Staircase

Commercial Staircase

A staircase is essentially commercial given the fact that a lot of people move through the stairs for which it must comply with the safety regulations.

  • Construction of commercial staircases must be done in consultation with experts.
  • Not allowing debris to collect at different points in a commercial staircase is necessary. For instance, water may suddenly accumulate in different place and wiping it is necessary to prevent danger.
  • Many commercial buildings have treads that can bear good amount of weight. For such purposes, non-slip materials are preferred for regular use.
  • Carpets are used in several commercial staircases which require special cleaning services. Make sure that water from melting snow or rain does not impede the movement of people on the stairs, making it soggy and difficult to walk.

Knowing it all:

For commercial staircases, attention must be paid to every aspect right from the stage of construction to maintenance. Consulting the opinion of developers that have constructed commercial staircases makes real sense. As far as maintenance of staircase is concerned, trained workers must be employed for cleaning. You can start researching online to find out more about the material of construction and ways to make it cost-effective. In addition to this, staircases in commercial buildings must cater to the safety aspects to make durable and sturdy in the long run.





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