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What is Particle Boards and What are the Pros and Cons of Particle Boards?

What is Particle Boards?

Particle boards are also known as chipboard. It is a product which is engineered using wooden products such as wooden chips, sawmill shavings including the sawdust, synthetic resin or another kind of suitable binder that is pressed firmly by using hot compression to make boards and sheets. The furniture made with particle boards are commonly available and are mostly used in recent times due to its cheap cost.

Particle Boards

Particle Boards

Characteristics of Particle Boards:

  • Particle boards are affordable compared to other solid timber products as these are cheaper.
  • The boards are denser and uniform than other conventional wood and plywood’s available.
  • Particle board can be painted or veneer can be applied onto the surface to make it attractive.
  • Although the board is denser, it is known to be the lightest and weakest amongst the other fiberboard such as hardboard (high-density fiberboard) and medium-density fiberboard.
  • Higher the density of the particle board, higher is the strength and resistance if screw fasteners have to be unfastened.
  • The furniture which requires large pieces of wood are made using particle boards such as table tops, TV cabinets, desks, etc. A lot of time is saved to simply bond two pieces of wood together to achieve the desired size.

Advantages of Particle Board:

  • Low cost: The affordable cost of the particle board is the main advantage over other boards such as solid wood and other plywood. Thus, it can be concluded that the furniture made from particle boards are less durable compared to solid wood and plywood because of low cost.
  • Pre-laminated board: The furniture with particle board can be bought simple. Then thin sheets of veneer or plastic laminate can be glued on the surface to add beauty and aesthetic value. This also increases the durability of the pre-laminated particle boards. Although, plywood or solid wood furniture also requires lamination.
  • Lightweight boards: The furniture made with particle boards are easily transported from one place to other as the boards are light in weight. Although, being easy to move, the strength of the furniture is questionable compared to furniture made with plywood or solid wood. The most common rule while purchasing the wood is that, the denser the wood, the strength of the furniture will be high and heavy.

Ready-made furniture can be prepared by using particle boards. The furniture is machine manufactured to obtain desired dimensions. The larger size pieces can be prepared and thus these can be easily used for making Thus, the cost of the furniture is reduced to almost half as no carpenter work is involved and ready to buy furniture are available with no waiting time for customers.

Other advantages of the particle board furniture are that it is renewable and one can easily reuse the board for making other furniture. The boards are available in larger sizes. The furniture made of particle boards will not swell and does not have any natural defects and it also has thermal and soundproof.

Disadvantages of Particle Boards:

  • The strength of the furniture prepared using particle boards is less compared to other plywood furniture. Lesser strength is attributed to low density and thus the handling of the furniture should be very careful as they can be easily damaged while handling.
  • The life of the furniture prepared with particle board is less. The resistance to moisture and humidity is also low. This is the major drawback of the particle boards.
  • The particle boards should not be used for joining purpose as they can be easily damaged.
  • The particle boards are not eco-friendly as solid wood furniture.

Although there are some disadvantage for using partial board but there are many more advantages of Particle board for making furniture which cant be ignored.





Key Benefits of Steel Fabrication in Lighting Poles Fabrication

Lighting poles fabrication is not an easy task and fabricating lighting poles can be done by using basic materials but steel fabrication is the best way to go with it. The street pole fabrication involves a lot of safety measures and enough concentration needs to be given towards building a sturdy pole. Street poles are fabricated with the intention to last for many years and this is the reason why fabricating steel for this purpose becomes an ideal choice. Street poles need to be fabricated with utmost care and sincerity and only a professional fabricator must be hired to do this job.

What is meant by steel fabrications?

Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication

It is a mechanical process of joining, bending and assembling various steel components to attain a distinguished shape and size. There are several shapes and sizes of steel components available in the market primarily obtained from the open market and then a fabricator fabricates them by bending or joining or using a combination of other steel fabrication methods to form something concrete. This fabrication process is useful in several industries like construction businesses, making kitchen appliances, and in constructing lighting poles etc. Specific fabricators fabricate steel lighting poles as street poles are very tall and not everyone can manage to fabricate such long poles and they are not readily available in the market either.

Steel fabricators fabricate steel components per street pole measurements and they come up with the required products. This is done on an industrial basis. Single fabricators do not work for such labour-intensive works. There are specific steel fabrication companies who manufacture lighting poles. Lighting pole construction involves a good amount of fabrication cost as only best quality bolts, ace quality fittings, and suitable end cuts etc can be implied in fabricating something as tall as street poles.

Welding steel street poles:

Welding is one of the best steel fabrication methods that are widely done by pole fabricators. Steel joints are welded skilfully and then other steel fixtures are welded in an interconnected fashion to fabricate a street pole. In this process, the electrically generated high heat flames are used to melt down the steel and then to join the melted parts together. As the steel cools, down it forms the desired shape. This is a very risky process that requires ample safety measures and only professionals can weld steel using correct protective gears.

Steel Poles Fabrication

Steel Poles Fabrication

Benefits of using steel in street pole fabrication:

Using steel for making lighting poles has a lot of benefits over the other materials. Here are a few major benefits mentioned:

  • Sturdiness: The key feature that a street maker seeks in a lighting pole is robustness. Lighting poles are always in contact with atmospheric changes because these are fixed in outdoor places like streets and gardens. Thus, they must be able to withstand the test of time. Steel fabrication bestows upon the structure not only structural integrity but heavy duty robustness which allows the street poles to stand tall for years after years.
  • Anti-corrosive: Steel is resilient to moisture and other corrosive components. Steel does not corrode or rust easily which makes it the perfect choice for fabricating street poles.
  • Inexpensive: Steel is readily and efficiently available and so it is an inexpensive ground material for lighting pole fabrication.
  • The suitable conductor of electricity: Steel is a well-known conductor of electricity which is another important feature of it.
  • Easy to fabricate: Due to its specific melting point, stainless steel is easier to weld, bend and fabricate into desired shape and sizes. Steel fabrication is widely practiced on an industrial basis and hence fabricating street poles from steel is a hassle-free practice.

Tips on Selecting and Installing Evaporative Cooling for Home or Office

When it comes to choosing evaporative cooling systems there’re two choices that people opt for, air conditioners or evaporative coolers. In fact, some people opt for evaporative coolers above air conditioners for the fact that they work better under certain circumstances. It meets all the needs of air conditioning at a far less price than air conditioners. Modern evaporative coolers cost less comparatively; they are energy efficient and are very effective when it comes to cooling.

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling

How does it work?

The humid and dry climate is where these evaporative coolers work best. Once a highly efficient evaporative cooling unit is connected to the ductwork of home or office, the unit pulls in hot air from outside. This hot air is then passed through water-saturated pads, which cools down the hot air using water evaporation process and then it is distributed through the ductwork. The cool air is then released into the room pushing the hot air out of the room through open windows and doors, keeping the room cool. While normal air conditioners re-circulate the same air, evaporative coolers help to provide fresh air at home constantly while operating.

Benefits of choosing Evaporative Cooling systems

  • It uses the fresh outdoor air and the filtering process takes care of the dust pollution
  • It helps eliminate the smoke and odor emitted while cooking
  • It can be installed on the ground, in the attic or even mounted on the wall making it user-friendly and flexible.
  • Cooling system of evaporative coolers does not harm the ozone layer while functioning
  • The evaporative cooling system offers low-cost installation and saves up to 75% more energy than your regular air conditioner.
  • Makes less noise while functioning.

Installation and selection

The cubic feet per minute air it filters in the house, measure the ratings of the evaporative coolers. Models may range from 3000 to 25000 CFM and the capacity can be verified with the help of the manufacturers based on the climate and requirements of the client. The coolers can either down flow evaporative coolers or portable horizontal cooler unit based on the requirements of the individual. Small portable evaporative coolers on wheels are also available these days but they generally provide the slight cooling effect.

Following are some tips on selecting the correct evaporative cooler to install in home or office:

  • Not every room in your home or office requires the same kind of evaporative cooling. Hence choose your air conditioner based on the cooling requirement, keeping the area of installation in mind.
  • There are two major types of coolers such as centralized coolers and ducted coolers. The ducted coolers are best suited for larger homes and office spaces, which call for cooling multiple bigger rooms and halls. Whereas if you require cooling smaller spaces, you can use the ductless central coolers.
  • Evaporative coolers come in portable small sizes as well. Choose this type of cooler if you want a hassle free uncomplicated installation as these can be placed easily at any desired place in a room. But these can cool small rooms only as portability reduces cooling capacity. These are best for moderate climates and not at all suitable for harsh summers.
  • Horizontal evaporative cooling systems are better choices compared to down flow coolers as they do not leak easily. These coolers can be easily mounted on floors and hence are easier to use and install.

With these sensible tips, you can enjoy the many benefits of evaporative cooling and ensure that you can maximize cooling benefits for your home or office.

Choose a Four Poster Bed to Compliment Your Perfect Bedroom

One of the perfect ways to enhance your bedroom decor would be the four poster bed. As the name suggests, these beds are made for grandeur and they provide you with the luxury of optimal comfort and high quality. Now choosing the size of your bed is a crucial task here along with the furniture style because you want something that compliments the theme of your bedroom. You want luxury and cozy but you don’t want to cluster your home or bedroom also. So here are some tips on the same:

Four Poster Bed

Four Poster Bed

Average size of your home

The average size of the queen sized 4 poster bed is about 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width. So, this takes care of individual of all heights and shapes. However, remember that the four poster bed may vary as per the company. Some companies may deviate slightly from the standard size. So, until and unless you are planning on getting this in a corner or a specified area of the bedroom a few inches shouldn’t matter. But it is advised that you measure up before opting for one.

Personal space

Also, remember that there are some individuals who like to have their personal space in the bedroom with their patterns. Hence, they may want to consider a little bigger bed or a king sized one. 4 poster bed is all about cuddling up with your partner and yet having some room. But if you want to consider a smaller option then go ahead – however, think of the space constraint.

The theme of the bedroom

Four Poster Bed

Four Poster Bed

Your bed should complement the overall theme of the bedroom. The idea here is that the furniture pieces and overall decor should be in tune. It doesn’t imply that if you have a modern bed then you cannot go for contemporary decor on the walls or even if you go for a sleek wrought iron or wooden bed then you need to match all themes. So, if you want to mix and match then keep your four poster bed as the center piece because it is probably one of the most expensive items in the bedroom. What you can do here is-

  • Opt for creating some extra or vacant spaces. This helps in making the bedroom appear bigger & stylish especially if you have a compact space.
  • Another option is to get vanity and table that meets your requirements in terms of functionality. For instance, if the color of the bed is white or brown then pick similar hues for these areas also.
  • Besides this, your curtain and other accessories should compliment the 4 poster bed too. For example, if you have a floral bedspread on it, then don’t do floral curtains. You don’t want to overdo a theme.
  • Pick the material of the bed sensibly. Remember these beds are on the steeper side because they offer durability and quality. Don’t opt for a bed style that would go out of style easily. Also, think of longevity. You may get cheaper 4 poster beds, but don’t compromise on the quality for the sake of price. A teak bed would cost a bomb but it also can be recycled and will last you for decades as compared to cheaper ply versions.

So, enhance your bedroom style with 4 poster bed and a bed that is fit to make you feel like royalty! Hope the above mentioned tips will help you to find the perfect ways to enhance your bedroom decor with four poster bed.

Polyurethane Hoses and Pipes Benefits – All that you Need to Know

Polyurethane is a thermoplastic material. It is used in forming tubes and hoses into variety of shapes. It is highly useful due to its flexibility and durability. Polyurethane is often called as PU, PUR or TPU. It showcases the best mechanical and physical properties of plastic and rubber. It has high ability to stretch, which makes it highly flexible and does not require any additives. It has a good chemical resistance and delivers high performance. That is the USP of polyurethane materials. Pipes made from this material can be durable, handy and convenient making it a perfect choice for manufacturing tear resistant polyurethane hose and pipes used for various domestic and industrial uses.

Polyurethane Hoses

Polyurethane Hoses

Beneficial Properties

Flexible, durable and easy to work with, it can be easily modified to suit the requirement of the manufacturer in various shapes and sizes. The properties of polyurethane hose include:

  • Hardness – The sheets can be produced ranging from thick material to a very thin film which will be durable yet soft.
  • Flexibility– Polyurethane has a superior flexibility even at a low temperature of -60°F.
  • Elongation– Sheets and pipes made of polyurethane material can stretch and elongate up to 800% and return to its original dimension.
  • High Resistance– It provides excellent resistance from any kind of abrasion. So, when used as a conveyor drive belt it protects elevator cables and pulleys from wearing off due to excessive use.
  • High resistance – It is resistant to hydrocarbons, chemicals, bacteria, fungus and moisture providing making it durable. It also ensures that polyurethane hose product sustains longevity and uninterrupted performance in harsh industrial plants as well as in domestic uses.
  • Environment friendly– Polyurethane materials are easily recyclable. They can be easily trimmed, reground and reused. Compared to vinyl or PVC which leaves toxic byproducts, polyurethane is easier to recycle if it is protected from any contamination.

The ability to be colored solid or even with tints so that the tubing or hoses remain transparent is yet another unique quality of polyurethane materials.

Advantages of Using These

  • High capacity– Due to flexible nature it has high load capacity in both tension and compression. Though it undergoes shape change under heavy load, it reverts back to its previous shape once the load is removed.
  • Flexibility– As it has high flexibility; polyurethane hose can be used in making pipes and hoses that must endure high flex application.
  • Tear resistance– It possesses high tear resistance properties making it ideal for industrial use.
  • Strong bonding properties– Polyurethane bonds with a wide range of materials such as plastic, metal and wood during the process of manufacturing which makes it ideal material for making wheels, rollers, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, polyurethane materials are also highly durable and resistant to water, oil and grease. This makes it a perfect material for underwater and underground piping and hosing. Besides, it is also resistant to any kind of fungal growth, hence protecting the piping system from gathering moulds. It also has good insulation properties which makes it handy dealing with electricity. Performance capability of polyurethane hose under extreme and harsh weather conditions make it withstand any decay. 

Be it in industrial sectors or in simple residences, polyurethane hose can find effective uses everywhere. The hoses and pipes can be very useful for gardening purposes too. Polyurethane coil pipes are especially helpful as they do not require rewinding after every usage. These pipes are extremely easy to store and to use in various places. With these benefits, you can make a sensible choice and optimize performance.