Polyurethane Hoses and Pipes Benefits – All that you Need to Know

Polyurethane is a thermoplastic material. It is used in forming tubes and hoses into variety of shapes. It is highly useful due to its flexibility and durability. Polyurethane is often called as PU, PUR or TPU. It showcases the best mechanical and physical properties of plastic and rubber. It has high ability to stretch, which makes it highly flexible and does not require any additives. It has a good chemical resistance and delivers high performance. That is the USP of polyurethane materials. Pipes made from this material can be durable, handy and convenient making it a perfect choice for manufacturing tear resistant polyurethane hose and pipes used for various domestic and industrial uses.

Polyurethane Hoses

Polyurethane Hoses

Beneficial Properties

Flexible, durable and easy to work with, it can be easily modified to suit the requirement of the manufacturer in various shapes and sizes. The properties of polyurethane hose include:

  • Hardness – The sheets can be produced ranging from thick material to a very thin film which will be durable yet soft.
  • Flexibility– Polyurethane has a superior flexibility even at a low temperature of -60°F.
  • Elongation– Sheets and pipes made of polyurethane material can stretch and elongate up to 800% and return to its original dimension.
  • High Resistance– It provides excellent resistance from any kind of abrasion. So, when used as a conveyor drive belt it protects elevator cables and pulleys from wearing off due to excessive use.
  • High resistance – It is resistant to hydrocarbons, chemicals, bacteria, fungus and moisture providing making it durable. It also ensures that polyurethane hose product sustains longevity and uninterrupted performance in harsh industrial plants as well as in domestic uses.
  • Environment friendly– Polyurethane materials are easily recyclable. They can be easily trimmed, reground and reused. Compared to vinyl or PVC which leaves toxic byproducts, polyurethane is easier to recycle if it is protected from any contamination.

The ability to be colored solid or even with tints so that the tubing or hoses remain transparent is yet another unique quality of polyurethane materials.

Advantages of Using These

  • High capacity– Due to flexible nature it has high load capacity in both tension and compression. Though it undergoes shape change under heavy load, it reverts back to its previous shape once the load is removed.
  • Flexibility– As it has high flexibility; polyurethane hose can be used in making pipes and hoses that must endure high flex application.
  • Tear resistance– It possesses high tear resistance properties making it ideal for industrial use.
  • Strong bonding properties– Polyurethane bonds with a wide range of materials such as plastic, metal and wood during the process of manufacturing which makes it ideal material for making wheels, rollers, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, polyurethane materials are also highly durable and resistant to water, oil and grease. This makes it a perfect material for underwater and underground piping and hosing. Besides, it is also resistant to any kind of fungal growth, hence protecting the piping system from gathering moulds. It also has good insulation properties which makes it handy dealing with electricity. Performance capability of polyurethane hose under extreme and harsh weather conditions make it withstand any decay. 

Be it in industrial sectors or in simple residences, polyurethane hose can find effective uses everywhere. The hoses and pipes can be very useful for gardening purposes too. Polyurethane coil pipes are especially helpful as they do not require rewinding after every usage. These pipes are extremely easy to store and to use in various places. With these benefits, you can make a sensible choice and optimize performance.


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