Choose a Four Poster Bed to Compliment Your Perfect Bedroom

One of the perfect ways to enhance your bedroom decor would be the four poster bed. As the name suggests, these beds are made for grandeur and they provide you with the luxury of optimal comfort and high quality. Now choosing the size of your bed is a crucial task here along with the furniture style because you want something that compliments the theme of your bedroom. You want luxury and cozy but you don’t want to cluster your home or bedroom also. So here are some tips on the same:

Four Poster Bed

Four Poster Bed

Average size of your home

The average size of the queen sized 4 poster bed is about 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width. So, this takes care of individual of all heights and shapes. However, remember that the four poster bed may vary as per the company. Some companies may deviate slightly from the standard size. So, until and unless you are planning on getting this in a corner or a specified area of the bedroom a few inches shouldn’t matter. But it is advised that you measure up before opting for one.

Personal space

Also, remember that there are some individuals who like to have their personal space in the bedroom with their patterns. Hence, they may want to consider a little bigger bed or a king sized one. 4 poster bed is all about cuddling up with your partner and yet having some room. But if you want to consider a smaller option then go ahead – however, think of the space constraint.

The theme of the bedroom

Four Poster Bed

Four Poster Bed

Your bed should complement the overall theme of the bedroom. The idea here is that the furniture pieces and overall decor should be in tune. It doesn’t imply that if you have a modern bed then you cannot go for contemporary decor on the walls or even if you go for a sleek wrought iron or wooden bed then you need to match all themes. So, if you want to mix and match then keep your four poster bed as the center piece because it is probably one of the most expensive items in the bedroom. What you can do here is-

  • Opt for creating some extra or vacant spaces. This helps in making the bedroom appear bigger & stylish especially if you have a compact space.
  • Another option is to get vanity and table that meets your requirements in terms of functionality. For instance, if the color of the bed is white or brown then pick similar hues for these areas also.
  • Besides this, your curtain and other accessories should compliment the 4 poster bed too. For example, if you have a floral bedspread on it, then don’t do floral curtains. You don’t want to overdo a theme.
  • Pick the material of the bed sensibly. Remember these beds are on the steeper side because they offer durability and quality. Don’t opt for a bed style that would go out of style easily. Also, think of longevity. You may get cheaper 4 poster beds, but don’t compromise on the quality for the sake of price. A teak bed would cost a bomb but it also can be recycled and will last you for decades as compared to cheaper ply versions.

So, enhance your bedroom style with 4 poster bed and a bed that is fit to make you feel like royalty! Hope the above mentioned tips will help you to find the perfect ways to enhance your bedroom decor with four poster bed.


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