Key Benefits of Steel Fabrication in Lighting Poles Fabrication

Lighting poles fabrication is not an easy task and fabricating lighting poles can be done by using basic materials but steel fabrication is the best way to go with it. The street pole fabrication involves a lot of safety measures and enough concentration needs to be given towards building a sturdy pole. Street poles are fabricated with the intention to last for many years and this is the reason why fabricating steel for this purpose becomes an ideal choice. Street poles need to be fabricated with utmost care and sincerity and only a professional fabricator must be hired to do this job.

What is meant by steel fabrications?

Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication

It is a mechanical process of joining, bending and assembling various steel components to attain a distinguished shape and size. There are several shapes and sizes of steel components available in the market primarily obtained from the open market and then a fabricator fabricates them by bending or joining or using a combination of other steel fabrication methods to form something concrete. This fabrication process is useful in several industries like construction businesses, making kitchen appliances, and in constructing lighting poles etc. Specific fabricators fabricate steel lighting poles as street poles are very tall and not everyone can manage to fabricate such long poles and they are not readily available in the market either.

Steel fabricators fabricate steel components per street pole measurements and they come up with the required products. This is done on an industrial basis. Single fabricators do not work for such labour-intensive works. There are specific steel fabrication companies who manufacture lighting poles. Lighting pole construction involves a good amount of fabrication cost as only best quality bolts, ace quality fittings, and suitable end cuts etc can be implied in fabricating something as tall as street poles.

Welding steel street poles:

Welding is one of the best steel fabrication methods that are widely done by pole fabricators. Steel joints are welded skilfully and then other steel fixtures are welded in an interconnected fashion to fabricate a street pole. In this process, the electrically generated high heat flames are used to melt down the steel and then to join the melted parts together. As the steel cools, down it forms the desired shape. This is a very risky process that requires ample safety measures and only professionals can weld steel using correct protective gears.

Steel Poles Fabrication

Steel Poles Fabrication

Benefits of using steel in street pole fabrication:

Using steel for making lighting poles has a lot of benefits over the other materials. Here are a few major benefits mentioned:

  • Sturdiness: The key feature that a street maker seeks in a lighting pole is robustness. Lighting poles are always in contact with atmospheric changes because these are fixed in outdoor places like streets and gardens. Thus, they must be able to withstand the test of time. Steel fabrication bestows upon the structure not only structural integrity but heavy duty robustness which allows the street poles to stand tall for years after years.
  • Anti-corrosive: Steel is resilient to moisture and other corrosive components. Steel does not corrode or rust easily which makes it the perfect choice for fabricating street poles.
  • Inexpensive: Steel is readily and efficiently available and so it is an inexpensive ground material for lighting pole fabrication.
  • The suitable conductor of electricity: Steel is a well-known conductor of electricity which is another important feature of it.
  • Easy to fabricate: Due to its specific melting point, stainless steel is easier to weld, bend and fabricate into desired shape and sizes. Steel fabrication is widely practiced on an industrial basis and hence fabricating street poles from steel is a hassle-free practice.

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