How to Transform Your Home with a Modern Staircase

Tired of your plain old staircase? Then it’s probably the time to include a modern staircase such as a bespoke staircase, which is stylishly subtle, dynamically dramatic, classically traditional or minimally modern – depending on the rest of your interiors. While the actual purpose of your staircase is to facilitate movement between floors, it need not be a drab, up-down affair. You can choose between clear glass balustrades, Walnut and Wedge finishes, tinted iron-free glass spindles, stainless-steel posts and handrails and different types of treads.

Modern Staircase

Modern Staircase

Get started on transforming your home with these tips to include a modern staircase.

Determine Your Budget

A home renovation project cannot be started without defining your budget. Having a good estimate in mind will help you determine whether your new staircase will be a DIY project or a Designer one. A proper budget will help you and your team plan and work within what you can afford so that your staircase is a joy to behold, and not a heartache because of miscalculated costs.

Plan Your Staircase

  • Before you meet up with designers, collect images of bespoke staircases and shortlist one or two that may be perfect. Make notes of what you prefer, such as whether you’d like to create the illusion of extra space or maximize the inflow of natural light.
  • Your plans should also include the materials to be used. If you’re looking for something more versatile, choose traditional timber as it can be combined with other materials. If you’d like something that is a blend of traditional and contemporary, choose stone instead of timber. Weight should also be taken into consideration. For more stunning stand-along designs, glass and steel are fast getting in trend. If you’d like to experiment, team up glass, steel and wood for warmth and absolute charm.
  • While planning the look of your staircase, you also need to give attention to practicality and functionality. While your new modern staircase should be, unique and suit your personal tastes, take safety into account too. Therefore, steps should be taken to ensure that your bespoke staircase complies with safety regulations without impacting the design.

Choose Your Design

Modern Staircase

Modern Staircase

  • The design you choose can transform or drab down your whole living space. Although staircases are primarily functional, there is in no way to stop them from being beautifully designed. Your bespoke staircase can feature traditional straight stairs, or you can be more innovative and go for spirals or floating stairs. When choosing your staircases’ design, you need to take into consideration your existing space and whether the staircase will blend in with the rest of the room or stick out like a sore thumb.
  • While straight stairs are common, they don’t have to be dull. Choose such a material so that it makes a statement, or redesign your balustrade to enhance the appearance of your existing modern staircase.
  • If you have a smaller space to work with, choose a spiral or helical design.
  • If your home is much modern, cantilevered or floating stairs make for a space-saving stunning solution. It is designed with each step supported by one wall, that make your home sturdy enough to support it.

In concise, transforming your home with a bespoke staircase can make it unique and speak so much about you. Your modern staircase, when tastefully designed and practically planned, can be spectacular. If you can’t afford a complete re-build, simply change the features of your stairs by carpeting bare steps, changing the balustrades or cladding your stairway in a different material, and you will be amazed at the results.


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