Top 5 Things to Consider When You Invest in A Doctor’s Examination Couch

If you want to open your own pathology center or want to start your own clinic or nursing home, then you need to invest in a high-quality doctor’s couch for your examination rooms. A medical couch or a doctor’s examination couch must give enough comfort and adjustment facilities to the patient, especially to pregnant women and to aged patients with less mobility. There are different versions of doctor’s examination couch that are available in the market, and you can compare the features and the price quotes before you finally decide to buy the chair.

Doctor’s Examination Couch

Doctor’s Examination Couch

Top 5 things to consider before you buy a doctor’s examination couch

It is a major investment and an important comfort fact, so you must consider some important points when you decide to buy a doctor’s examination couch. Along with the general height of the footrest and the backrest, you must also keep in mind the material and functional feature of the chair before you invest in it. The top 5 features to consider are given below:

  1. Initially when you buy a chair, you must consider the contemporary look, along with easy-to-clean facilities. There can be different types of patients who come with venereal diseases and the doctor must use a disinfectant just after one patient gets up from the chair, and the next one gets ready to sit on it.
  2. There are also additional features like storage which you must consider when you buy a doctor’s examination couch. There are many companies that make the high-quality steel couches with epoxy powder coating and that have two or three drawers at the bottom. It becomes easier to keep the medical instruments and the patient’s dress and doctor’s cloak into these drawers, to facilitate examination.
  3. The gynecological chairs must be comfortable to allow a patient easy movement and flexibility. In this connection, the doctor must remember that there are different types of couches available depending on different needs and medical segments. For instance, the couch that works best for an orthopedic patient might not be the same for an ENT or dental patient.
  4. Apart from this, the material of the mattress and the cushioning fiber should be of high quality so that the patient does not suffer from any type of contamination.
  5. Moreover, a good quality doctor’s examination couch should be anti-slip, it should be durable and the doctor must have the advantage of operating it both manually or with the help of a remote control.

Which are the different areas where a doctor’s examination couch is used?

The doctor’s examination couch is used in general surgery and medicinal emergencies. Apart from this, there are high quality durable doctor’s examination couches that are used for treating overweight patients, and these are mostly used by bariatric surgeons. There are also some other departments like ophthalmology, dermatology, and wound closure and cardiology, which make use of the best quality patient examination couch. Some couches have easy to draw out storage cabinets, and paper roll holders, the latter applying to the treatment of patients who come with gynecological problems. Sterilization and maintenance of these couches is very important and the doctor must also see to it that the backrest can be adjusted to give the patient ultimate relief.

Apart from all these features, you must also consider the LED lighting arrangement and the ease of operating the couch. High quality medical couches are available in different colors and the dark shades are a better option to choose, as the lighter and pastel varieties can get dirty and soiled very easily. There are many disinfectants and liquid cleansers that you can use to clean these couches.




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