Make Your Home Impressive with Wooden Staircases

There’s something regal and luxurious about the wooden staircases and it remains to be popular choice for both contemporary and classic homes. The grandeur of these staircases is best revealed in bigger homes with a gorgeous handrails and engravings but thanks to modern designs, even compact homes are getting sleeker and designs in wood. One of the aspects to be considered here is that wood needs a bit more maintenance as compared to may be steel or even marble or tile ones. But remember that it gives you the added advantage of ultimate luxury. Yes, a bit of maintenance is needed but then the aesthetic appeal wooden staircases add to your home remains unbeatable. So here are some great tips on making an impression with these staircases:-

Wooden Staircases

Floating staircase

Indicative of the name, these staircases are all about creating an illusion of more space, which makes them immensely popular with modern homes. These staircases are all about sleeker steps combined with the steel or aluminum handrails instead of wood. So, the combined effect is that you are adding a regal touch to your home but not really making the stairs too overpowering as compared to the rest of the decor. Now with these wooden staircases there are plenty of other options that you can also make.

One of these includes the art of balustrades that includes designs that start right from the ceiling to the staircase. Of course, you can also opt for something that is smaller and sleeker here and place them around the handrails only. You can also do away with these handrails if the length of the staircase is not that much. There is also the option of the wooden handrails that looks stylish and ever classical. But these may turn out to be tad more expensive.

Wooden Staircases

Curved staircases

These wooden staircases feature a curved design that occupies a lot of space and is thus suggested for bigger and more suburban homes. However, modern designers are now experimenting more with creating more spaced with curved designs too. You can choose the stretch of the curvature and space occupied as per your space availability. Here too you can explore different kinds of options when it comes to the handrail designs.

Wood with glass

One of the most recent additions to these wooden staircases is the combination of glass with wood. This is based again mostly for contemporary homes but you can also experiment with them in workplaces. The wooden stairs have a layer of thick and durable glass on them that is placed firmly together using state of the art technology. You can avoid using handrails all together here and make use of glass balustrades if you want. In fact, you can also create a separate space for your home by dividing this area with a glass separation if you have the staircase in a corner.

Some important tips to consider here include:-

  • You can always choose and change the color of your wooden staircases as per requirement. For example, it is best to opt for the lighter shade while the staircase is new. As it gets older, you can always re-polish and opt for deeper shades and hues.
  • Maintain these regularly by sweeping and cleaning them with a dry cloth. Use polish and wax as per instructions. Too much of both can cause more damage than good.
  • Besides this, avoid wood for outdoor purposes or cover it with glass because moisture is likely to spoil these at a much faster pace as compared to other options.

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