Live Royal Life with the Antique Style Queen Anne Furniture


Furniture is one of the most important parts of home décor that helps in creating the statement you want to represent. People can choose from contemporary style of furnishing to traditional that suits their taste. If you are interested in traditional style, then you have to look for antique style of furniture. The Queen Anne furniture is considered as one of the most popular and recognized style of antique furniture. After the end of the reign of Queen Anne in 1714, this style of furniture was crafted during the period between 1720s till 1750s in England. This style of furniture represents the colonial period and was considered fashionable in USA till 1800s.

Antique Style Queen Anne Furniture

Antique Style Queen Anne Furniture

Features of Queen Anne style

Every style of furniture has some unique features which makes it so distinct from the other styles. It is not right to say that all traditional style of furniture looks the same. So, to identify the Queen Anne furniture you have to look for some specific features. Some of the interesting characteristics of this style are:

  • Cyma Curve body

The Queen Anne style was quite different from the previous masculine style of furniture. There was an addition of femininity in them which can be seen in the curves. The S-shaped cyma curve, rounded bonnet tops, and double-C scrolls are the distinct characteristics of this style of furniture. It is possible to see more grace and charm in this style than any other antique furniture.

  • Cabriole legs

The most unique feature of the Queen Anne furniture is the cabriole legs. The curving legs that ended with intricate carvings make this style more elegant and royal. The shape of the legs extends outwards and has a strong base that offers not only great looks but also strength.

  • Carved back splats
Queen Anne furniture

Queen Anne furniture

The chairs of the Queen Anne style have yolk-shaped top railing and solid vase shaped back splats that have beautiful and the most subtle carvings and curvatures. The carvings of flowers, bird silhouettes can be seen in the furniture of this era.

  • Decorated motifs

The motifs on the different furniture of this period were unique, elegant and classy. You can see acanthus leaves, sunburst etc. and shell and fan carvings on the legs of the furniture.

  • Padded feet

The cabriole legs end with pad feet in this style of furniture. You can also find club or spade and trifid feet in many items. The feet offer strength to the furniture and at the same time looks beautiful. Previously the ball foot of William and Mary style looked heavy so the padded feet gave a light feel.

  • Upholstery

The upholstery of the pieces of the furniture like chair seats, easy chairs etc. are the most talked about thing. These are decorated with beautiful designs and patterns with printed cotton, wool or silk damask and very often had embroideries of flowers crewel or needle work and Turkey work. The cushions have linen lining with horse hair.

Why to buy antique style furniture

Antique Style Queen Anne Furniture

Antique Style Queen Anne Furniture

Buying traditional style of furniture like the Queen Anne ones has lot of benefits. Although it depends on personal choice to whether or not you can get such furnishing types, but if you think about telling a story or creating a royal look in the house, then go for it.

  • This kind of furniture can give you a feel of royalty in the house. The elegance and class can be high with such traditional furniture.
  • The antique furniture can have the charm and originality, unlike the modern ones. The contemporary style can vanish after some years but traditional style will always remain popular.
  • You can find lot of choices in the older style of furniture. With little research, it is possible to find the collection of items that can complete the look.

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