Ways to Make Your Wooden Staircase Look Sophisticated and Charming

The focal point of any home is the staircase which is the center of attraction. It is quite natural that once you enter any house, your eyes first get attracted by the staircase. It is a fact that staircases are meant only for functional use but then too it has its own importance. There is no reason why you will not beautify your staircase. The wooden staircase is a part of decor according to the interior designers. There are various ways in which you can make your staircase give an additional touch by a custom newel post. This is also called as central post that is a part of the decor. The style of this post has to be chosen by the homeowner as recommended by the interior decoration.

Which is the best choice?

Wooden Staircase

Wooden Staircase

There are some homeowners who tend to choose traditionally a central pole. There are many others who prefer a winding staircase. The homeowner has to keep certain things in mind like the layout of the house or if you are staying in an apartment. If you have chosen a winding staircase, then your house has to have a big floor plan. This does not mean that you cannot charm your home with a staircase if you have a small home. You can make arrangements of say:

This growing trend is gaining popularity. Therefore, you should not have any shortage of pieces that are hand carved. You can choose from the wide range to make your staircase look attractive. The home that is located by the sea can use pieces carved like shells. You can even ue the shapes of marine animals or a ship’s bell. The main thing is that how you imagine things for decor and your budget.

Lights can be another choice for the homeowners. Interior decorators use lighting on the wooden staircase. You can make it appear eye-catching if you can add wind strings of light over the handrails. What is important is the color of the wood. This can be explained as:

  • Darker wood will hide the dirt and the wooden staircase will look traditional and antique.
  • Lighter color wood look more modern and give a light and airy feeling. For example, walnut and pine.

How to maintain?

Wooden Staircases

Wooden Staircases

  • Appropriate care and regular maintenance needs to be taken to keep the handrails perfect. It is important to polish and dust the wood. The directions have to be followed so that there is no damage done to the wood or the staircase.
  • The wooden staircase, if maintained well, lasts for many years.

Tips to give it a face lift

  • You must apply a coat of paint on the wooden staircase. The pattern can be that of a flower or a leaf.
  • You can use different colors to create an artistic effect and make it look unique.
  • The use of metal decorative banister is important. There is a new trend of mixing iron with wood.
  • You can use numerous contemporary designs which go well with modern homes.
Wooden Staircase

Wooden Staircase

Importance of stair rails in staircase

The stair rails are considered as a distinguishing feature in making wooden staircase. They are of various types and designs as well as different colors. The material that is used also varies.  The homeowners prefer wood to add sophistication to the look and the entire decor. The wooden stairs usually have a natural color or can be stained to a certain color. The wooden stairs with a black wood handrail creates a wonderful contrast.


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