Facts About Clothes Valet You Really Need to Know

A clothes valet is a piece of furniture that is used to hang men’s suits and jackets, as they cannot be folded and kept. It is a stand and also has provision for hanging trousers and a shoe rack and tray organizer to keep other miscellaneous things neatly. All in all, it serves as a wardrobe. It can be made of wood or metal. You can also get electric ones nowadays which keep your clothes warm and comfortable to wear.  There is a timer, which helps in preventing overheating. This is especially beneficial for cold winter mornings when you need to dress up for work and last thing you want is something cold touching you.

A clothes valet can fit in your wardrobe thereby organizing it and not making it look messy. It is believed that this piece of equipment actually increases the longevity of the wardrobe as it holds the clothes in a proper fashion and the way they should be held and kept. As every other furniture, this piece has also moves towards development. Earlier it was just a wooden or metal frame but now it comes with additional features.  As mentioned above, apart from keeping the clothes warm, there is also a provision for charging your phone and other electronics thereby saving you from hoarding innumerable wires in the bedroom and other parts of the house.

Clothes valet

Clothes Valet


Life has definitely become easier with a clothes valet. It is surprising and rather inspiring to see how it has evolved. It has the feature of steam press, which eliminates the need for you to physically, sit and iron your trousers. It roughly takes around fifteen minutes to press the trousers and jackets and once the work is done the valet automatically switches off so you do not need to worry that the machine is still working and clothes might get burnt. With the facility of drawers to keep ties, coins, wallets and so on, the bedroom looks much more neat and clean. On the other hand, without the clothes valet, one would just enter the house and empty the pockets and keep everything on the table making it a mess. But now with the valet, everything goes in there and makes the room look well ordered and organized.

Is it worthy?

Many wonder whether clothes valet is furniture worth owning and keeping in the wardrobe. The wardrobe serves the purpose and maybe this might look pretentious. If you delve into it, it is actually a worthy buy. All office goers want their trousers and jackets to look crisp with the proper creases. The valet serves this purpose. It even irons out the clothes for you thereby saving your time and energy. Many valets come with a seating provision, which allows you to sit and wear your socks and shoes as well. It is an all in one tool for your daily needs. It is a practical kit as it not only stores your things but also airs out the clothes and shoes.

No doubt the clothes valet is a functional piece of accessory and a very useful one. Clothes are kept wrinkle free. They are available in a variety of designs, styles and make and easily available in home stores and online too. This versatile valet adds style and functionality to your bedroom and enhances the room decor also. If you are contemplating on getting one, think no further and pick up one that suits your needs. Your life will become easier and you will be thankful for that.


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