How to Choose Right Security Door for Your Home?

Security door is a very crucial part of any home and is used to strengthen the security so that troubles like lock picking, door breaching, and ram-raiding can be resisted. Use of these kinds of doors is beneficial as they do prevent crimes such as home invasions, miscreants, burglary or theft. Door’s security is employed in many sectors right from residential to industrial, commercial and in governmental departments.

Security Door

Security Door

What is the need to secure residential doors?

Residential security doors are essential as they provide the much-needed safety and security to the entire home. A person can trust these doors and leave his home locked as they are made of reinforced materials and designed in a manner that no one will be able to open or breach it without the permission of its owner.

Essential features to lookout in security residential door

  • It should function as fire doors so that if there is a fire, it doesn’t spread out in other parts of the home.
  • The doors should have additional security hinges and unique construction
  • High-security application with multi-point locks and reinforced cores is required.
  • The door frame should be one piece fully welded and should be sturdy and rigid in nature.
  • Thick jam rebate should be used so that it can resist oxy-acetylene flame or electric arc cutter.
  • Should have the height adjustment mechanism so that it can fit on the doors and should also have adjustable pivots.
  • It can also have external features such as a limit switch for interior room lighting.
  • A locking mechanism, this segment is the most critical section as the complete security is dependent on it. There might be many levels of the locking mechanism in a door like shooting bolts, unpickable and highly precise dual control locks.
  • An automatic deadlocking system which provides independent and sensitive deadlocking device that protects the door from acid, explosives, and other tool items.
  • At last, it should have a grille gate that opens 180 degrees to use the free space inside.

Various kinds of security devices used in security doors

Different types of devices are implanted on the doors to make it more secure, some of them are:

  • Alarms designed to warn any kind of
  • Locks are usually of two types- one is quicklock and another variant is the dead bolt. People can use smart bolts with electronic keys or smartphones, and deadbolts are designed so that there is no way of lock bumping.
  • Reinforcement involves many kinds of things such as strike plates, door reinforcement, door chains, secondary internal locks and hinge screws. Durable strike plates are sturdy enough and if they are well fitted then the possibility of ramming them decreases. Sometimes the door chains work as it does not allow the door to open fully preventing attempts at burglary as nobody can enter with the door chains on.

The looks elegant from outside and the materials and reinforcement inside the security door is not evident. Made of strong materials, the door also happens to be very durable. You must go for the best door brands which are available in the market. Everyone will promise the same, but few will provide you with the right safety. And when the question is about you and your family’s safety, never make a compromise, go for the best security door and live a peaceful life. Sleep sound without worrying about any theft, intrusion, or other crimes.

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