Things must remember before decide on Timber Flooring

Flooring of the home is not just something that we walk on but there are a lot of things added to it. The flooring adds to the aesthetic feel of your house and it also gives pleasure to your feet. However, choosing a flooring option might not be as easy as you think, there are a lot of options available in the market and each option have their own benefit and their drawbacks. In the flooring option, if you want to have a sophisticated, classic, comfortable, durable and an elegant look then timber flooring is the right one for you. Above that, the timber flooring has anti allergic properties and so you can be sure that there is no health hazard for your family’s health. Below mentioned are some tips that will help you to get the right timber flooring.

Timber Flooring

Timber Flooring

Select the right grade and timber color:

One of the first things that you need to do is to select the right grade of the timber. The standard grade timber will give a natural appearance to your flooring. When you make use of the character grade of timber then you can make your flooring more stylish and smooth in the finish. The select grade of the timber has its own smooth feel. Then the next tip is to choose the floor color. In this regard you need to make sure to choose the color that will only enhance the overall appearance of your room. The cream, red, brown are three main color themes that you can choose opt for. In this regard, rather than going for the color that your friend or neighbor has opted for, you need to look for the color that you personally like and you know you will not regret the color in the future.

Check timber property and size:

Checking the timber property is also an important aspect. Particularly, you need to check about the durability and the hardness of the timber. This will help you to analyze whether or not your flooring will be good enough to protect from termites and bugs attack.

Choosing the accurate size is important. You do not want to have something that is not cut according to your specifications. During the installation process if you realize that the size is not according to your requirement then it will be too late to make changes to the existing setup. So make sure that you have exactly what you will need for the project. The timber flooring should be cut precisely according to your requirements.

Timber Floor Sanding

Timber Floor Sanding

Get professional help:

Taking professional help is important aspect as they will be in the best position to suggest you about the various things that can be done in the flooring. They have experience in this field and so they will also recommend you the products that are available in the cheaper price and the same quality. The professionals can see the things that we might miss out. So make sure that you take the help of the professionals in this regard.

Proper maintenance is important:

Apart from installing the timber flooring you also need to ensure that you regularly clean the flooring and take care of it as soon as there are any spills, water exposure or change in the weather. By installing timber flooring, you can protect your flooring in a good condition for a long time. There are a lot of things that you can do with the timber flooring when it comes to decorating your interiors. However, when you have a good plan for the installation then you can get all of these things done while the installation is on.


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