Tips for Decorating Commercial Staircases

When it comes to commercial spaces, especially staircases, a lot of people don’t really pay heed to the decorative aspect. In this reference, most commercial staircases feature a very cold and boring look. They don’t appear any different from one another. However, in recent times, there has been a shift in this trend and more people are now considering the decorative value of these spaces. Every inch of your commercial space is valuable and are being used to make a difference. Hitherto ignored staircases and commercial staircase design is being used not to catch attention, but also to make a statement and of course used to save space using brilliant designs. With a little planning, there is a lot you can do. So here are some ideas-

Commercial Staircases

Commercial Staircases

Get quality balustrades

One of the initial safety aspects of these commercial staircases would be balustrades because they are a core feature to prevent accidental falls. Be it an office, a mall or any other space. There are hundreds of options out there on the same budget. You can think of getting something in glass, which is durable and trendy. Especially the touch of steel on these enhances your decorative value. Different designs of stainless steel as well as wood can give an altogether different feel to the aesthetics of the space. Here are some ideas you can try out-

Go for classic glass balustrades with simple etching. If you want it quite plain then make sure that steel knobs and fittings are used alongside these. When using the classic iron ones, then go for aluminum or steel finish on the top of the balustrade. Wooden ones are not only expensive, but rather difficult to maintain with commercial staircases. What you can also do here is go for a sleek steel finish or even aluminum that is easy to maintain and doesn’t get dirty that fast.

Think of colors

Usually a lot of people stick to the classics like black and grey. However, these don’t have to be boring all the time. You can go for a mishmash of shades like black combined with white and grey. These commercial staircases can also be done up in alternative shades of grey and black to create some contrast and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space. There are a lot of places that make these spaces a bit more fun. They use peppier and brighter shades of green or blue or even number these staircases to help the office-goers and commuter get a gist of the number of stairs climbed, etc.

Material used

Of course, there is no denying that that kind of flooring or material you choose for these commercial staircases can make or break your design. This is dependent on the budget. For example, you can use marble or even granite for hotels and other costlier establishments but for regular offices something like bluestone or even similar materials do work. But do remember that these should be anti-slip and durable considering their rough usage.

Some of the other tips for decorating these staircases are

  • Use plants or pots on the sides of the staircases or the wider passageways in between if the space permits. Adding a little touch of green or even flowers. An array of similar themed framephotographs makes people turn and have a second look.
  • For areas that are enclosed or even if you can afford regular vacuuming then you can consider carpeting these commercial staircases. This works for the hospitality industry.
  • Think of some border tiles or patterns to add decor to the staircases as it is again not costly, but makes the place look much better.

So, these are simple and effective ideas that can be used to decorate different kinds of commercial staircases and that too with easier maintenance.


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