Top Tips for Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repairs are costly. If customers like DIY practices and love going about the repairs themselves, they should try out the tips that are listed below. These tips are a good start for beginners.

Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repairs

Tips for Garage Door Repairs

  • Ensure That the Parts of the Door Are Working Properly: If there are two garage doors being used for the same purpose, both the springs in the doors should be replaced even if one of the spring is in bad condition as the unbroken spring will usually break in a matter of time. If the garage door makes a lot of noise, the problem is usually not with the opener of the door. So, the first step during the garage door repairs is to check for the springs and whether there is any noise coming out when the door opens and shuts down.
  • Testing the Balance of the Door: The next step during garage door repairs is to open the door halfway and then it is left alone. If the door is moving up and down, it means that the torsion spring is not in place, which causes the opener to wear out.
  • Selecting the Right Kind of Opener: During garage door repairs, if the repair person notices that opener is worn out, then it should be replaced with a 1/3 hp or ½ hp opener. Openers usually come with a preset opening speed. Hence, installing an opener with a higher horsepower does not play any role.
  • The Opener Should Be Set Up on A Ladder for Easy Installation: The opener should be placed on the ladder and then scrap lumber should be used to get the required height. The opener ‘s rail should be placed right at the center of the door. The manufacturer’s instructions should be followed to the T.
  • Heavy-Duty Angle Should Be Purchased: Customers should never use the flimsy strap that are sold along with few openers. If a solid mounting is used, less vibrations occur and the opener will have a long shelf life. If the opener is located at 6 inches away from the ceiling, an angle brace should be attached.
  • Replacing All Components: If wires running from the opener to the wall button are not closed, they should be replaced. These wires are usually old and have been in the house for more than 10 year. This replacement is also very important because new openers are very sensitive and usually won’t work if the wire is worn out.
  • Checking the Opening Force of The Door: The customer should rest his/her foot on the opening door and should be opened with the help of a remote control. The soft pressure from the foot should usually cause the door from moving. If the door doesn’t stop, the opening force should be adjusted.
  • Fine Tuning the Closing and Opening Force: During garage door repairs, making very minor adjustments to the force screws for both closing and opening is very common. After the resetting, the force should be retested. Sometimes only a 1/8-inch turn is all that is required for fine tuning.

Overall, if a damage is noticed in the opener, the customer should ensure that the opener should not be used till it is completely repaired by a technician who is adequately qualified and experienced. If the security system is functioning improperly, the door should not be operated. The reverse system should be checked once a month and it is better to carry out the checks on a periodic basis.


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